Looking for AWOL Ice Belts!

As the post says, what happened to the 60 AWOL Ice Belts that used to be in the game?

Will they return or have they been lost to the vastness of space??

Why have we gone from 90 belts throughout the entire game to 30?

Will CCP continue to ignore this issue even though it impacts every player in the game??

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I have 3 systems with ice within 5 jumps of me…

Thats great, over the whole game though we went from 90 belts on average across every system to 30.

yes they did this on purpose just to mess with you… not like they didn’t just mess with the entire industry with scarcity.

No…they will continue to promote the “issue” as they planed.

Its not an issue. Its an intended gameplay change to promote scarcity.

And not sure if it impacts every player in the game. Only a small small minority of ice miners.


can’t say that I’m impacted, or my service teammates are affected, so yea @Cendric_De_Credsiu not every player is affected.
Just be patient young padawan, it will all be over soon ™

NULL sec groups with structures are heavily impacted by the ICE belt scarcity. everything eats fuel blocks including production now that reactions are required for larger ships. having double belts in remote systems that no one mines doesnt help anyone. The logistics required to mine it are mind numbing. its time to put belts back into the ice systems.

Yet we still have enough ice in the game to keep structures fueled, to have production and to have fuel for capital ships, right?

I think the logistics being a challenge is perfect. It would be boring if anyone could just mine ice in the system they live in. No travel, no logistics, no interaction.

At least people are encouraged to chase ice now. It’s a good change.

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and with ice belts published on the agency window, even a lazy hunter knows exactly where to go to find miners to kill. just another way CCP screws the working class of EVE

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And only the lazy or AFK miners get killed…

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i would love to learn how to mine afk. i hear this often, but cant seem to figure out how to get the ore to move out of my hanger to the station while afk.

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