Did the Gate I built to Stain break Ice Belt Spawn or did scarcity get scarier?

I havent seen an Ice belt spawn in the systems close to me since I opened the gate to Stain. Is there anything in that or am I just on the unlucky side of the stick?

Many Thanks,
StainGate Steve

At first glance, I thought you wrote, “did scarcity get scarciter.”

I was disappointed that this was not the case.

No P2W

An Ice belt appearred! A single Ice belt! 3 jumps from home!
I know CCP wants us to move around but I really can’t be bothered, too much hassle and time investment required. Here’s hoping to an end to this scarcity at some time soon.

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You made that gate? Well that takes the heat off of CCP, I was going to blow up their ships for doing that, now all I have to do is go find an ice miner who can’t find their ice.
@CCP_Dopamine New Eden needs ice decoys to lure would be ice miners into ganking range, tell Mr “they can quit if they don’t like it” that it’s a nerf to fun and he will make it happen, thanks in advance.

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