Ice Spawn prevention

Getting word that there are some players blocking Ice mining locations be using Cargo Containers to prevent the spawns. Against the rules like blocking Wormhole spawns and junking gates?

They encircle anchored secure containers in corvettes with mdw and nobody was able to kill them so far.

Yep in Tolle i have raised a ticket lets hope CCP can do something

Hello Jian. Only in Tolle now? I’ve heard there were more systems blocked.

Intel says, they are not active today. Maybe CCP banned them already?

How would that even work? Aren’t the spawn points randomized?

When there is ice left in the belt - even one rock - right when downtime comes, the same belt with the same amount of ice will spawn again at the same location.
A player that were there before the downtime can block the ice from spawning when he logs in before the belt comes back.

Belts, that are completely mined out before the downtime - even a few seconds, wich i saw more then a couple of times - will spawn completely fresh with a new name in the same system at a random location.

The time that the ice belts need to appear after the downtime has increased over the years. You can log in and put your fleet together minutes before any belt spawns.

This problem is fairly new. Years ago that wasn’t a problem.
Even if you logged in to the game before the belts would spawn, the ice would just appear around you. But that days are gone.

That is a bug that should be fixed. Even if it’s not the only bug with mining. :grin:

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