Ice Mining

The patch changed some ice mining spawns but I realise it has not been spawning at all for some systems. Anyone else confirm this?


Its gone.

I had a system with two belts. One was gone after DT yesterday and the second was gone today.

I have noticed the same. The system I was mining in before the patch has not seen an ice anomaly since patch was deployed. I have been using “The Agency” to locate Ice and have seen some certain systems continuously have spawns throughout the day. I don’t know if it was intended to completely remove the anomalies from systems that previously had ice before the patch as part of the "Reduce the spawn rate" change or if the RNG in these systems are broken. However, I have seen an increase in combat sites in this particular system since the patch was released.


at least 3 ice anomalies in my region have disappeared.

Same thing here, we mined 3 ice belts we have around 3 days ago and not a single one of them spawned back. can we get some answers @CCP_Aurora about this ? I get the ore rebalance but ice? How do we feed our structures now ? I really hope that this is only one big BUG that will get repaired. Or is this one of hidden conspiracy? To lower the amount of structures in space?

  1. Less ore = less structures to build,
  2. power cores = increased price for structures,
  3. 7 days timers without fuel after which structures drop everything that is stored there and can get killed in one go without reinforce timer,
  4. 100% drop rate of cores = more structures getting blown up for profit of attacking side,
  5. No ice = no fuel for structures, no way to fuel more structures now, making them more vulnearble

can we get some answer please? Tried to look for more threads for this issue but found none.


Don’t anomalies have spawn mechanics where if a certain number already exist, then no more will spawn until previous ones are gone?
If so, does that apply to ice? Does this include low-sec systems?

is ccp again bullshitting us? their mastermindblackout ideas AGAIN?

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Yeah we went from : " The spawn probability of all Ice Sites will decrease" to 3 ice systems out of 4 are gone…Without further notifications or explanations…
So all investments around those sytems like industrial structures and all are f…ed now.
With the compliments of CCP.

Business as usual

That apply for wormhole space (the sites had timer here of few days if you warped in it) and NPC space yes, untill anomalies are mined out or ran (combat) they will stay in system where it spawned. But not for sov. null space. And also ice fields had always been fixed to one system they didn’t “travel”. Right no I can confirm that the ice sites disappeared from null npc space and are nowhere to be found (traveled all systems) and no there wasn’t anyone that could mine it out. But same problem is in sov. null space, system with3 belts… 1 left 2 mined out, didn’t spawn after 3 days… Really need some answers or we have to start unanchoring.

HS systems seem un-impacted, spawning in same places at same 4 hour respawn intervals.

Price has certainly gone up in last few weeks tho. I thought that was just due to the war but maybe supply (re)distribution has also started to bite?

CCP_Aurora can you us explan please what is happen and how it shows up?

Many people are worry about this and the future.
or just link some patch notes who are the changes in.


Hey guys, I’m looking into this now and will get back to you as soon as I have more info to share.

My current understanding is that systems that had ice should all still have ice spawns but I need to clarify what exactly it was that was reduced. I know the ‘The spawn probability of all Ice Sites has been reduced’ from the patch notes is a bit confusing when they were previously guaranteed to come back on that 4 hour timer after being mined out.

Update: Okay so I’ve clarified what’s happening here. As you’re aware, previously ice belts were guaranteed to respawn in system 4 hours from when they were mined out. This respawn chance is no longer 100% guaranteed and so it is possible for belts to not come back exactly 4 hours later - it may take them some time longer to re-appear. The number of belts in a system hasn’t actually been changed and each will be rolling for its own chance to respawn if they’re all mined out. This will mean there will likely be less belts alive at any given time because they simply can take longer to come back.

Please see Ice Mining for a more recent update.


I know the folks who need ice may not like that, but adding the less than 100% chance was a great move towards making things a bit more dynamic, or at least feel a bit more that way.


Hey Aurora,

Is it on purpose that some of the asteroid belts are supposed to be completely empty, because their sec status does not warrant the spawn of null-sec ores?

It seems odd that some asteroid belts are completely empty as of this recent patch.
I’m not bashing the idea of it happening, but it does seem odd to warp to belts that are completely empty.
It makes it an impossibility to raise the indy lvl, if there’s no ore to mine out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Some of us had observed behavior that if an ice belt did not spawn in a given system at Downtime it would not spawn at all for the day. Is this the case as well or has this been changed to what you’ve posted? I ask because the behavior definitely changed today (after the most recent patch belts were respawning exactly 4hrs after they got wiped out so long as they appeared in the system after DT).

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We get that part, but from 4 hours respawn rate you guys changed it to week and more respawn rate, even with 50% probability it’s impossible to have all systems without ice belts and even normal belts for more than week not? Sure there isn’t something broken? Right now there is no way we can make enough fuel for structures if it takes more than 1-2 days to respawn… You should see now high sec ice belts, there are 50 and more people fighting over ice, because simply there is no ice anywhere in null/low now. The price of ice went up by 100% and only for High sec ICE…

Edit: Also please clarify one more thing… the reduced respawn rate… We have chance… I don’t know every 4 hour 40% for belt to spawn or there is like 40% probability for belt to spawn only at downtime? So we get 1 chance per day only?

I believe this is independent of downtime much as ice belt spawns were previously - but if I find out otherwise I’ll let you know.

I believe there are at least some ice systems that have not seen ice spawn since the patch. It doesn’t look like this was the intention, considering your comment. If there is RNG going on the possibilities appear to be much too low or the ‘rolls’ made too infrequently. Thank you for your attention to this.

I suppose this is a CCP way to promote “player engagement” - because players who do nothing but mine for ice, have to log in several times a day just to see if the ice is back yet. Please, no.

It would be much less annoying to players if Game Design simply increased respawn from 4 hours to 24 hours, or whatever number is required to achieve Game Designer’s desired shortage, and spending of ice stockpiles. Please just give us a number.