Ice anoms bugged, not respawning properly

(Mister Ark) #1

I’ve seen this happen daily since the Tuesday 21st August patch. Normally they respawn after 4 hours but are now often taken much longer. I’ve seen it go 7 hours without spawning.

(Mister Ark) #2

Still getting the issue on a daily basis. Seems others are noticing it too.

(Daniella Dax) #3

Same thing here, damn annoying !

(Daniella Dax) #4

This friday the ICE spawned in moutid i belive it was, but it was out of reach, you could warp to spwn, but ice was not there, it have happent several times.
Right now people are waiting for ICE to spawn in Seil, it should have spawned 17.37, but it is not there.

Can you please fix this stupid bug, there are a lot of people who get there ISK from ICE mining, but when ICE dont spawn they earn no ISK.

(Mollie Athonille) #5

Just to prevent this thread from closing, and to prompt CCP for an answer, I will re-iterate the questions posed here:


Since the late spring, the 2nd ice belt of the day has not been respawning 4 hours after the last unit of ice was mined from the previous belt. Is this a design change within the game, or is it an unintentional bug in the code that has not been fixed since it was discovered? A fellow ice miner submitted a ticket, and was told that developers were aware of the issue, but nothing has been done to either implement the bug as a ‘feature’, or to allocate resources to eliminate the bug.

CCP, can you please tell us what’s going on with this?