Anomaly bug? Not respawning?

Sometimes anomalies are not respawning after being completed. It has been this way since the Tuesday patch. It sometimes affects ice anoms and possibly ore. I am not sure what causes it.

Ice belts have a respawn timer of 4 hours pretty much since they were turned into anomalies from never depleting fields. Ore anomalies have a respawn timer depending on size from between 20 minutes to 5 hours I believe.

It is supposed be 4 hours. But i’ve finished a few ice anoms since the Tuesday patch and they haven’t respawned for up to 6-7 hours later.

Well, the old 4 hour timer definitely seems a thing of the past.

The anomoly I waited for today took 6 hours to spawn. Same yesterday. But a different time it was on time.

It has to be a bug.

File a bug report.

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I have.

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