Mining Anoms not Respawning

Yesterday and Today I have noticed that some mining belts are not respawning or not respawning the way they normally would.

Yesterday a Colossal Anom had been completely mined out before downtime, and after the extended DT it did not respawn, nor did it show after a few hours. (I’m unsure if it appeared after I went to sleep, which was about 5 hours post DT) but it had not until then.

*The system this happened in, is fully upgraded, and ADMs over 5 for all Industry / Military / Strategic ect.

The Ice Belts have been affected too today I believe. Today all of the belts that I have went to did not respawn fully in the way it normally would. (Normally they would respawn with all the higher ices and Racial Ices fresh or would spawn a fresh new anom in system if they were all depleted by DT) Today, They did not refresh or respawn and only had 2 of the higher ices that spawned when the server came back online. (1 Dark Glitter and 2 Glare Ice spawns)

Is there something new with the Anoms or is this a bug / issue that is going on?

Anyone else notice these issues?

Not really notice any changes.

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