Ice belts either spawning no ice, or not despawning when depleted?

In my usual ice mining system I see that the ice belt can be found in the D-scan, but when I warp there, there is no ice.

SO it would seem that either:

The ice belt location doesn’t despawn once it is depleted (which begs the question: will a new ice belt still spawn? Or is the system bugged so that currently no ice is spawning?)


The ice belts are completely borked, with the location itself spawning, but with no ice to mine.

Either way the agency window still shows that there is ice in system. It shows ice in a LOT of systems. I havent flown to any of them yet to check, but it would seem that something is wrong.

EDIT: Talking with other miners in local, this problem seems to exist everywhere. It seems ice belt locations are spawning EMPTY, and not going away.

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Cloaked ice blocks.

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Check here Version 19.11 - Known Issues most of this is already been covered.

It might´ve been covered but i see no indication of when it will be fixed or that they are aware
of the problem at all. 2 days have past now with patches added today (9th dec) and still no change whatsoever. This tells me that they are not working on it or it works as intended

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Excuse you CCP when are you fixing ore/icebelts this is getting ridiculous. You introduce something and completely destroy them.

CCP does not acknowledged this a problem. or has it addressed it. 4 days now no ice.

Just checking in after my last post and it seems i was almost profetic :XD

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Well… ARE there any changes comming to this … or is reactivating a toon a waist of money !

Nope still no ice. No ice today no ice yesterday no ice tomorrow and no word from CCP. Not yet anyway.

I think I will just stop and wait for a while. This toon mines ice, no ice no reason to play with this one.

Will await further developments

same problem with Abyssal Fields too

Are those fields in Trig space? Just wondering. Never been to Pochvin.

yes in t-space

Thank you

its simple CCP


Just a refresher for CCP since the seem to have forgotten how Ice is supposed to work.

  1. Ice Anom spawns
  2. Ice Anom shows up in Agency and scan window
  3. People warp to ice and mine it all
  4. Ice anom despawns
  5. Ice Anom disappears from Agency and Scan window.
  6. Approx 6 hours later the Ice respawns
  7. Rinse and Repeat

This is not happening consistently, therefore Ice is STILL broken.

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It’s 00:37 EVE time on Monday the 27th and this is still happening. I’m in Amarr space right now, the Agency says there’s Clear Icicle in Dihra. I go to the system Dihra. Alt-P scan screen shows an ice anomaly with Clear Icicle. I warp there and there’s nothing. It’s been cleaned out and it’s not despawned.

agreed, have flow around in a fast travel ship to everything within 10 jumps. that is no real ice only the event ice which i cannot use for industry. live in evershore region. to and from dodixie and all spots 10 jumps out no useable ice.

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I hear ya, bro, I hear ya.
ON the brighter side, this silly event will be over in a few days, and hopefully when the fake ice is gone, the real ice will return.

there is no useable ice in hisec systems. only event ice?

OmG I actually saw a clear ice belt in HS yesterday. No I will not tell you my source hahaha!

Best thing I can tell you is check you agency window for ice belts, and compare the systems to your map “with metalimial storms” showing. It there’s a storm in the system then it’s event ice. No storm, real ice. It does happen, honestly. Just not often lol