Ice belts either spawning no ice, or not despawning when depleted?

FFS CCP, sort the Ice out…

Still no ice? Been away for a week or two and no ice then either. I thought maybe it was the Winter Nexus thing that did it. Ice storms.

Went to 6 systems where agency told there was an ice belt. Belt was warpable but empty. The map did not show a metaliminal storm for these systems.

So no, no ice avaible. Belts empty and not despawning.

When will it be fixed?

It’s been more than a month. At this point you should probably assume it’s a feature not a bug. Gotta love that removal of scarcity, eh?

How hard can it be to fix something like this… It has been more then a month come on!

Still broken. Doubling the size but making them never respawn is worse than scarcity.

It was fixed in todays patch.
Wait a bit and see if the belts respawn or maybe they will need till a new downtime.
However, I’ve got corp members whom I trust that have said Ice is respawning and is spawning in quantities of 200-300 per rock which is in-line with the mining updates recently released.

All I can say is WOW CCP, You cant even respond to these issues??? It seems like " The Good Fellas" movie " F You Pay Me" lol.

They’ve responded in other threads, if you can’t see the ones responded in that’s your problem