Still No Ice?

A large part of Gallente space still had no ice spawns this morning.

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Yeah what the hell is going on with blue ice spawn? 2 bloody days now.
CCP words

  • Fixed issue with incorrect quantities of ice found within the site ‘Blue Ice Belt’. This site will start appearing once again after the next downtime. Tomorrow, 11:00 UTC 10 December.

Yeah ok like DUCK!!! come on CCP be more informative about issues and tell the players.

Lonetrek has no ice, but show in the Agency as having Ice, but no ice, been like two days now. Is the part of a grand design to force miners to quit the game?

That is my thinking. Their whole nerf to the mining system seems that way to me. I have not see ice since nerf though I have flown to a number of belts that show in my scanner. Starting to get ridiculous

Ice/ore belts STILL NOT FIXED

And now the 11 Dec with no ice belts

Having Ice in an Ice Belt is no longer a ‘God Given Right’ I guess… Welcome to the Age of Face Palming…

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Still no ice in the ice belts. No word from CCP, but they sure did want my subscription.

Yeah, my thoughts to. They sure do not mind nerfing things, then keeping mum about doing it.

It has no ice today either, 12/11/2021

I contacted my old null sec alliance/corp friends and they have had ice as normal since the patch to fix it, So HS gets stuffed again,

  • Resolved an issue where resource anomalies (ore, gas, ice) may not complete and redistribute as soon as they were mined out.


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Again Ice shows in the Agency, but no ice in the fields. Good job!

Still no Blue Ice in Gallente space, and I would imagine some station could be running low on fuel if this keeps up :confused:

OK, so it’s not just me. What I am seeing in the area around Dodixie is that The Agency shows Ice Fields, but they are just the event ice fields, not the real thing.

12/17/2021 Still no ice in a good share of Gallente space. This is getting very old. If this was my job to correct this and I took this long I don’t think I’d need to worry about having a job.

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Saturday the 18th now, and still no Blue Ice in Gallente space.

Hello, CCP, hello? WTF is going on?

Ice is now nullsec only of course.

We are experiencing the same issue, where we are in Khanid
Ice is shown in the Agency, and in system, but there is no ice present in the field.
To a degree we believe CCP doesn’t give a stuff, or the current Ice event is stopping ice spawning as it usually does, every 6 hours from field depletion.
Of those I know, who mine the ice, there have been many bug reports sent in and as yet there has been no response from CCP regarding the issue
I am starting to wonder if we should actually be putting in a ticket and suggesting we are losing Eve income from the lack of ice we can usually mine.