Where's the Ice?

CCP, so when will the blue ice reappear in Gallente Hi sec again? Every other faction has their ice spawns back except for Gallente…

You would probably do better to @ CCP on the known issues forum post

CCP have broken it… There are so many bugs in the system!

Eve was so good when i started to play it, but now its just not the same!

I noticed that myself, though to be fair I have not bothered since noticing. I thought maybe it was the ice storm thing that did it. Maybe not? Not been back since waiting around a week or so. Said forget it for a while.

I stopped playing over christmas… not going to come back until the ice is back…

I have over 1000 plex in the bank but wont be upgrading my players back to Omega until they fix it…

CCP really have broken EVE… they keep moving the posts further and further apart.

Just noticed this and posted the same thing as a bug report. Hopefully we get an answer soon.

"Yeah sorry not mentioning the Ice guys, I’m going through all of your replies and the issues one at a time. Please don’t feel ignored if I don’t mention it specifically right away but I prefer letting you know once I’m actively looking into something so that your aware of it.

Most of the time they are either already working on it or it’s ready to go out and I just haven’t checked that particular issue yet.

That being said, I’m looking at the Ice belts."

This is from Paragon, in the known issues thread, so it is now on their radar and we have written confirmation they will look into it. It is a good start
(Sorry not sure how to actually link directly to another thread or if it is even possible)

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