Where is the blue ice belts?


  1. There are no any blue ice belts in the Agency! When this will be fixed? Gallente sector is without the ice!

  2. Other ice belts are shown in the Agency but the sites are often empty when you come there. And they’re still shown in the Agency. When this will be fixed?

I have two accounts and the second one is with Orca. Once its Omega status is ended it will not be prolonged until the bug is fixed.

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There is none and has been none since the Christmas update, they have broken EVE…

This game has gone down hill… so many bugs in this game…

What are CCP doing… Fix it before Doctor Who update…

I have 4 ALTS and none of them will be updated to OMEGA, i have been playing this game for nearly 10 years and this is the WORST i have seen EVE sort it out!

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Confirmed NO ICE. I saw some in low sec but not in high sec lately. If this is the whole chances of spawns are reduced thingy, then they sure are doing a hell of a job. Good job CCP. Ya broke. Can you now fix it? Please?

Yeah, you’re right.
I have two accounts and the second one is with Orca. Once its Omega status is ended it will not be prolonged until the bug is fixed.

Yeah but muh events thingy. I went omega again hoping for some fixes. But nope. Noon to be had. Game has gone down hill, and Pochven is still not very good. The last big event CCP did. They got bought out and look what happened. They don’t care. Not till people start leaving and then maybe they will care. Maybe.

I wonder why they don’t even make a statement. I has been more then a month.

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Still no blue ice in Essence or Everyshore. Today is 1/10/2022.

Ice to be had in Minmatar space. Ice to be had in Amarr space. No ice in Gal space unless low sec.

Good job CCP. No spawns in an area historically rich with ice. I bet its planned to be that way at this point.

This toon stays alpha till they decide to bring the ice back. This and about four other paid subs will stay alpha. I hope others do the same.

Ther is acknowledgement of this I the known issues thread. It’s "being addressed’ for weeks now.

It does seems to be effecting gallente blue ice primarily. They are not despawning properly, thus the empty belts you may see.

If you read the Known Issue thread you will see that CCP has responded to this issue.
People need to stop crying so much and actually look in the correct threads.

is this a good time to point out that there is no tritanium in NULL? nvm

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Process over function is so important. The Eve community is very fortunate to have such a shepherd in these dark and trying times.

No they did not respond to anything till all the crying made them. As far as respond goes? Well will see.
How long will the response take? Always the defender of botched work. I see you run to defend.

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