Version 19.11 - Known Issues


A new monthly update for the New Dawn Quadrant went live today 7 December. Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online. Thanks everyone.

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  • Mining visual effects can pop in and out depending on camera position.
  • The Vargur Yoiul SKIN is missing it’s Minmatar sail texture.
  • Changing display settings during animated conversations can sometimes cause characters to disappear or break in the conversation window.
  • Characters in conversation windows can sometimes load without clothing or modifiers.


  • Tooltips for mining lasers with crystals are inaccurate, like in the HUD and the Fitting window.
  • Agents of Interest in the Station Services panel may not appear correctly when first viewed after log-in.

Missions & NPCs & Exploration:

  • “Like Drones to a Cloud” Mission can sometimes not be completed.
  • Mining sites (especially for gas and ice) fail to unspawn in some cases due to residue. - already broken sites will fix themselves within a few days.


  • Industrial Command skill bonuses for the Orca is missing the bonus text for reduced fuel consumption.
  • Industrial Reconfiguration skill is not applying its per skill level bonus for the Orca beyond skill level 1.
  • Miasmos Mining Hold is not gaining capacity from Gallente Industrial skill correctly.
  • The Shield resistances are incorrect for the Prospect and the Endurance.
  • Ship velocity bonus/penalty while cloaked is not working on the Endurance.
  • Procurer and Skiff Drone damage and hit points role bonus is not applying correctly.
  • Porpoise 50% bonus to Drone ore mining yield Role Bonus is not applying to Drone mining yield.


  • Corporation Skill Plans are not saved to Personal Skill Plans when set to be tracked.
  • It is currently not possible to train the “Mercoxit Ore Processing” skill.


  • The Mercoxit Asteroid Mining Crystal Type A I Blueprint are not being sold by NPC corporation.
  • The Gas Cloud Harvester I Blueprint is not being sold by NPC Corporations.

‘Wild’ Miner I.

Has it been updated? (hadn’t been on Sisi.)

Known issue. CCP can’t do simple proof reading before releasing patch notes. Missing any mention of the covetor changes.


will older versions of mac os be supported in the future?

i mean there is a lot of mac users that cant update and theoretically can run eve online
aka me
i5 processor and a VGA with 2 gb video memory
mac os 10.13.6

Indy core changes are missing too. They are in the release news item but obviously wrong.

That feedback belongs here.

ohhh ok sry

Servers aren’t even up yet, how do you know?

Missing on the patch notes.

I see them in the patch notes… Go to modules and scroll past the mining lasers… A “title” for that section would have been nice though

Then again, the Capital Industrial Core changes are not in the patch notes… hmmm

That is what I mean. Indy core changes.

New stuff is always good, but why not fix the oversized UI for skills, why so much space taking up room, I think we would all prefer more information on screen rather than taking up so much space, we don’t all have a 4k screen. Old skills UI was ok, why not stick to what worked or at least give us a switch to revert to old skills UI like the maps have in the settings. Not all of us are noobs and so the new skills UI is just a real pain to use for us, its all well and good catering to noobs, but don’t forget us oldies that were perfectly fine with the old skills UI format. If you really think people prefer the new skill’s UI format then why not do a poll - 1.) Do you want a settings switch to use old/new Skill UI. 2.) Do you want to keep the current skill UI.


Endurance has velocity penalty with Improved Cloaking Device II - Thought they were leaving expedition frigates alone?


60338 - Gas Cloud Harvester I Blueprint No npc orders???

You didn’t change the agility but doubled the mass of the Skiff and Procurer, which means they now take twice as long to align. (Over 20 seconds now)

I doubt that’s intentional?

Likewise I think you may not have taken the effect of the mass reduction of the Covetor and Hulk on their agility into account, as these high yield ships now align much faster than before. A small boost to agility was intended, but that small boost in addition to their mass reduction means they’re now aligning significantly faster than before. Good for the Covetor pilots I suppose, but is that intentional? I guess those ships may have the same issue as with the other barges, except now it’s a positive effect on the pilots.


The new gas scoop for barges is unable to be fit because the module requires a turret hardpoint of which barges do not have.


I think that’s the frigate gas harvester, try the Gas Cloud Harvesters. (They got renamed).

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The Gas Cloud Harvester modules are the new modules, the ‘Scoops’ are the old variant not meant for Barges/Exhumers.


These blueprints have not been seeded in the specific NPC corporations listed in the patch notes.