Version 19.11 - Feedback & Known Issues (mac)

Hello everyone,

Another monthly update (Version 19.11) begins today. Please use this thread for general feedback and reporting on issues for Mac clients found in this version.

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See Version 19.11 - Known Issues - #2 by CCP_Paragon for issues, which are also affecting Windows clients.

there is no indication of the ‘wild’ miner change in the mining modules part

will older versions of mac os be supported in the future?

i mean there is a lot of mac users that cant update and theoretically can run eve online
aka me
i5 processor and a VGA with 2 gb video memory
mac os 10.13.6

As far as I can tell there are no plans to support macOS 10.13 in the future.


Catalina + don’t support 32 bits so most of us don’t want to lose a big steam collection
and high sierra has metal support and stuff , probably put some extra oil and twist some nuts and bolts and it will work
think about it

Is CCP aware if the display issue on new MBPs where the bottom of the screen gets truncated in full screen mode? I assume this has something to do with the notch.

So far my Alliance managed Skill plans by linking them in chat channel. I contributed quite a few of them but i made them before the native mac client was launched and after that i could not changed them anymore. With todays patch the skill plan feature completely disappeared from my skill window and my alliance cant access my shared skillplans anymore.
Is that intended and/or are you aware of this issue?
Follow-up question: when do you intend to make the skill plan feature available for mac users as well?

I see wildly different mining yields for the same ship and fit under module info vs when hovering the cursor over the module in space:

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 01.19.29

Yes, we are aware of the reports about this issue - but unfortunately we cannot address this until we receive one of the new MBPs. In this case it is a bit of a curse to be located in Iceland. :frowning:

This should be fixed with today’s patch, as far as I can tell.

It is intended that the shared skill plan options are not showing on the Mac client. But: What do you mean with your alliance being unable to access your shared skillplans? Nothing should have changed there, as far as I can tell.
Unfortunately we do not have an ETA for making the skill plan feature available for Mac users. We are working on it, but it goes much slower than originally hoped. Currently we are working on a very annoying crash.

Oh, but you’re in for a treat when it arrives!

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My Mac is freezing up and then crashes because WindowServer stops responding. This only happens when I am in Jita. Played for hours yesterday with no issues and multiple clients running at the same time. Go to Jita with one client running this AM, and I got the beach ball from hell and then a complete computer lockup (mouse frozen) followed by the computer shutting down. I got a panic warning when I restarted and knew what it was going to be.

I launched the client and had several multi-minute freezes until I got out of Jita.

I am running and iMac Pro (mid-2017) with a Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB. 14-core processor and 64GB of RAM. I should be able to handle anything you throw at me, but this update seems to have constipated my Mac.

I’d be happy to open a BR and share tech information. I have been running a console log since leaving Jita.

This sounds a bit like a graphics driver crash. A bug report about this with as much details as possible would be indeed great. The bug report will include it, but it would be great to know, which macOS version you are running (potentially it could even be fixed by updating, if you are running an older version, as graphic drivers are bundled with macOS updates).

I will open a BR. I am running the current version of everything. I am very good with updates. macOS 12.0.1.

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Well, apparently just nothing happens if my alliance mates click plans i created. No error or anything. Strange. I can see how nothing should have changed with it as my plans should still exist somewhere…but as the interface is gone i cant even check if they are…
Ok, thx.

Are there stats on leaving loyal players behind for graphics? I note a few examples of graphic successful games play.

  1. another world won awards with retro graphics
  2. 8bit graphical games in 2020-21
  3. People playing eve in potato mode.

Not saying the graphics aren’t amazing. Just saying they aren’t as important as gameplay, or players.

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For some weird reason my new MBP put Eve in a full-screen window when I returned from app switching from safari while playing the other day. I clicked the fullscreen pip in the corner and it displayed the fullscreen without truncating it. Not been able to replicate this though.

It reset autopilot settings and unchecked player owned jump gates on the mac client*, nothing you can do but I thought you should know

*Which certainly made for an interesting moment when in the middle of delve lol.

Playing games on Mac is crime. :rofl: