March 2020 Release - Feedback and Known Issues (Mac)


Please use this thread for general feedback and discussing known issues with the Mac client.

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Wine indicates a launch failure when trying to log in through the Eve Launcher. The game window does not open.

Don’t think it’s necessarily just MAC but when modifying an order or placing an order to a specific amount ten clicking place round it up or down, which may end up pacing it nowhere near in the [price tree you intended. Meanign a large order might have just cost you 10-50m to modify and now you have to do it all over again. If you are going to treat the markets like children and take away their pocket money, at least remove the old input system, if we cant choose our own price and have to pay exhorbatantly to place it, then only allow use of the up and down arrows. Also needlejack filaments appear to be 7 shades of messed up, showing no picture on the tile, and not operating.

For the last week my launcher freezes when I attempt to quit it. The client seems to function fine. Just the launcher.

There is a news article that claims to be giving out 175,000 skill points over the weekend, but my game is only showing 130,000 (45,000 for the alpha ones, and another 85,000 for the omega subs). How do I get the other 45,000 sp?

Maybe I am missing some setting in MacOS (latest release on a 16" MBP) but when I try to rearrange the modules on my HUD while in space, it won’t let me move them and all of the module slots stay visible (grey circles with F1-F12) after clicking.

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