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No Red Dot opt-out? Terrible patch.


Red Dot Lives Matter!

no moon mineral nerf…yet? u guys chicken out?


So you kept the stupid relist fee. Good job on killing the markets. I’ve been asking the same question everywhere and have yet to hear an answer. How did you come up with the “94% of market orders are never updated”? The only way that I think you could get that stat is if you included immediate duration market orders which would severely skew the actual relevant data. So for example if I had a sell order for 100 Atrons and they were bought in 1 unit size immediate duration orders, would that be 1 market order or 101 orders? Can you see the issue with that?


Red dot removal when.


could you guys fix the bug where if you put a buy order and you had a trillion game bucks in your account and your 0 button stuck u could pay unlimited money for one cruise missile and no seller would get the money just you guys.
I accidently bought 100k missiles at 50k a piece and had a sell order for 10k I didn’t get the extra 40k each on my sell order the extra money disappeared.
there were no missiles to buy at 50k there were still more available for 10k so yea could lose infinite money putting an extra number I lost 4 bill and put a ticket in and it was erased.
if I could get my money back would be great thnks

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new rules on market just leave it wide open and tempting to have the computer allways put and order in front of someones order to make money. its like more in game organized crime capability.


I don’t think that’s a bug.

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I’m all for tiericide, but replacing peoples’ valuable faction micro cap boosters with a crappy meta 1 item is a bit shitty. Those are definitely collectors items. I don’t even own any but I own some similar stuff and please please please don’t take my micro smartbombs next.


you think its cool to rob your players money


ahh geo not gm

Wow, I might be able to try Trading now. For eight years, almost all of my buy orders (which at the time they were placed were at a reasonable percentage of the Sell price and the best deal for sellers) have expired after 90 days because I was “pennied out” by bots. Because of this, I had given up on being able to produce goods for sale in any market at even a 1% profit. It hasn’t made sense to bother training market related skills knowing that my orders would never be fulfilled. I’d like to see more done to kill the practice of “pennying out” (perhaps we need to require a minimum price change of say 1% to modify an order). That (like this change) would force bots to create new orders which would limit the number fo markets a single bot account can dominate.


Moon Depletion Changes coming in next patch update… we still waiting.


how do u think it will help u if you could compete with it free
there are tons of items that just sit no bid change 8000 percent profit
new rule though just one order has to get in front of you to stomp you forever

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basically its a completely new game now
are ya gonna change the name lol


Not sure why this feedback threads even exist when you just ignore all the feedback.




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I guess bid question is are we gonna be refunded for high dollar trades we have on now so we can switch to low dollar trades to handle the increments better?
put those trades on based on old rules.

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