I like the market changes

The market is right now competitive enough with undercutting and modifying orders.

In my few days of trading I’ve seen plenty of money opportunities and played them as the profit margin closed.

So I’m not sure what all the fuss is about?

Seem a fun, viable and competitive way to play to me?


“all the fuss” comes for “dedicated traders” who spent all their life modifying orders. Anybody else are fine.


they are fine when you are selling a high value item

The fuss is about the price you have to pay for a change…

It simply cuts your profit and this is bad…

:red_circle: In the markets that I have been in not a lot has moved around at all. There is hardly any competition anymore. I do not get what you are talking about.

It only cuts into your profit if you make a change. If you price your product properly in the first place you can simply wait for the market to come to you. This is a new paradigm for Eve traders, those who adapt will do well, the rest will fall by the wayside and the markets won’t care either way.


:red_circle: I find it ridiculous how “don’t do anything” can possibly be seen as a justifiable way to play.


Other krabs have been doing it fine for years.

I don’t see how people enjoyed doing the 0.01 isk game. When I was making kestrels for a good year, I’d set them at a price and just move on. If they expired I’d recreate it at a smaller price point but still made a profit.

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The sole fact that YOU don’t like or understand it does not make it obsolete does it? :slight_smile:

You do not decide this,players that have fun with it do …

There’s an expression attributed to Benjamin Franklin “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. It’s the thought you put in up front, before you place your market order, that determines how successful you are.

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I find it ridiculous, how you find it ridiculous.
Eve is supposed to teach you patience. Maybe you have not played Eve yet ?

And he did not say it was obsolete. He says this was in his opinion a bad gameplay, just like doing drugs is a bad activity.
It was only a good gameplay for people who don’t valuate themselves.

Since when is that? :thinking:

I sell a range from ~30,000isk items to ~10mil isk items? \o/

I made 1.1bil isk in 4 days … not sure how smart they are?

I’m betting Im better at trading than you? :wink:

:red_circle: I am planning ahead but that does not change the circumstance that you are better off waiting for something to come to you and hope it happens within 3 months than being able to go where things are selling. This has very little to do with “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

If you study the market cycle for the product(s) you are interested in you will know where to position your order. Presumably, you’re not interested in chasing the market below cost so you pick a spot near the midpoint of the cycle where you are comfortable with the profit margin. If you list below the midpoint it will likely sell faster, above the midpoint it will take longer.

Two weeks in, I’m now selling smaller stacks in more markets, product is moving and am happy with the results.

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Don’t answer them. They are saying stupid things, for you to correct them and they don’t need to make any effort.
You won’t get anything from helping them, they will use your advices, and then claim they are so intelligent and found the solution by themselves.

Two weeks in, I’m literally making the same amount of isk per day(1-2B) than I was before. Nothing changed at all. Actually, I’ve had more sales on the last two weeks than the two weeks before but I guess it’s that those two weeks were bad - the difference in what I made 6 months ago is too small to be noticeable.
I also sell smaller stack, and when I have the time I lead people spamming 1-item orders down by putting my own 1-item order but with real cuts.
first week it started with no sale, but then it went uphill to like 3B benefit/d, then last tuesday I made 0 isk but otherwise it’s been 10B benefit over the last 7days (then I lost 5B like an idiot by a mistake)

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:red_circle: And that ignore interesting scenarios and occurrences where you cannot update your order up and if you do not sell after all back down again, according to market movements. You are literally arguing for inaction instead of active order management. I have not had to update my orders in 4 weeks now because people stopped putting up new orders or left the market section entirely. While this seems great it’s rubbish if you look at what CCP claims about the game. Activity is not rewarded anymore, but inactivity.