I like the market changes

You are literally making claims that are a nonsense.
He is telling you to be active with your brain.

Thanks! As a vertically integrated producer I can assure you, I’m busy. I do my own PI, invention, manufacturing, hauling and selling. I’ve never had time for micromanaging market orders. In the past I would chase windfall opportunities because it only cost 100 isk to reposition when the bubble popped - I’m no longer doing that but, with the scarcity changes CCP is making I expect we’ll be selling into a rising market for quite a while and am positioning my orders higher than I might otherwise. So far, so good.

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At least part of the justification for CCP’s meddling with market orders was to reign in the constant microchanges that some traders/bots were up to. To that point I agree. What they’ve done, though, is more in the interest of taking ISK out of the game by charging high broker fees for any change. Only communists would think this is a good idea. You know, those parts of the world where hardly any retail exists. The easiest example of why this is bad is the sale of an item whose price is in decline. You put a 100 widgets for sale, then as time goes by and the prices decline other sellers offer the widgets at steadily lower prices. The sellers with older offerings now can’t lower their prices to keep up without paying a stupidly-high broker fee, so most of the time they don’t revise and the market stagnates, which is happening right now. Limiting the frequency of price adjustments make sense for the market, jacking up fees does not.

The only thing I did not like was that orders made before the change still stood. So I had outstanding orders that were suddenly undercut, and too expensive to keep changing. Once those finally cleared out (Selling a Nergal was painful, over 3mil each price change), the relative stability does seem better now.

LMAO, oh wow, you’re serious.

Nihilists and Anarchists think its pretty sweet too.

Who cares really as long as krabs suffer tho, amirite?

You can lower your price. Just not with as many increments.

So you need to be more aggressive in lowering price. I now wait for momentum to build below me before undercutting the momentum by a larger margin

This isn’t new, for pretty much anyone who spent some time trading.
The vast majority of people don’t 0.01isk.
They drop their items within the swing range until it sells eventually.

Sucks only when the swing range changes. I don’t know if there’s a proper term for that.
I never needed those to know what’s going on. The benefits of learning through practise.

It’s a market. That’s how you’re “supposed” to be doing it. The people who sit on their computer all day, constantly rotating through their market orders to adjust them towards the lowest/highest price,
are not just rare (according to CCP and the fact that it’s draining as ■■■■),
they’re also absolutely ridiculous.

Always what I’ve been doing too, btw.
For some, the market’s a battlefield.

For the sake of a slower economy that part simply had to go.

People say I’m an Anarchist. I can’t tell, but let’s say I believe them.
You say Anarchists think “it’s pretty sweet too”.



Then CCP should introduce some changes like remove anonymity or longer order durations to actually facilitate a slower and more intelligent market. As it stands, it is just frustrating and irritating.

Isn’t that what it should be? Everywhere in EVE you are supposed to be vigilant, active, looking after your things, check around all the time but on the market you are suddenly supposed to just “place your order intelligently” and then ignore them?

They do?

You arent like any Ive seen., But anyway

Mostly because anything that erodes authority vested in something or someone without direct merit is viewed as beneficial if striving for a life without the need to appeal to any form of high authority other than need.

At the very least the discomfort of those whose authority rests solely in the capital they accumulate through no process other than maniluplating the price of goods that others require would I imagine be welcomed.

But Im not an Anarchiste so I may be worng, I dont really dig the lack of direction dealy. I know Im too fallible to be left to my own devices.

Nobody actually had fun with 0.01 ISK wars.

You’re missing a key point here: everywhere in EVE you’re supposed to be vigilant and smart. Being vigilant doesn’t help if you don’t have the intelligence to make the right decisions based on what you observe. But with 0.01 ISK wars there was no intelligence involved. You always made a 0.01 ISK adjustment, the only question was how many hours per day you could afford to spend at your PC to do it.

Now you have a situation where vigilance is still rewarded because the vigilant players are the ones who will identify and exploit market opportunities as they appear, leaving less-attentive players to show up late and face a much higher risk of loss. But now success is about being smart and having the right answers, not being an unemployed loser who can be logged into EVE 16 hours a day clicking the 0.01 ISK button.

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What exactly is “fun” about watching the price of the item stay exactly the same?


It was also about when you do it. You did not have to be at the top all the time. There are off time where you could just let your orders sink and high times where you wanted to be at the top again as people became active. That’s not possible anymore, but you still have to be at the top to sell something.

What is fun about sitting 16 hours a day on your computer and cloaky camp a region? What is fun about sitting 16 hours a day on your computer, spinning ships and waiting for a fleet ping to go out? What is fun about running around on the forums, screaming nonsense? What is fun about running around FW space 16 hours a day and not accomplishing anything? What is fun about mining 16 hours a day? What is fun about sitting and watching your production slots to keep them busy for hours every day, only to learn eventually that you didn’t place your final products at an “intelligent” price and that noting sells because other people were “more intelligent”.
There are so many “fun” things in EVE where you just sit around for hours and do mindless things. And just like with .01 isking, you get some reward for it. You catch a cocky ratter, you contribute to your group’s industrial goals, you produce and sell things, you build your own items, you contribute some fw influence points even though you run from everyone coming into your system, and you were able to sell things.

Local chat.

corp chat.

Your salt.

your salt again.

Your salt, third time.

Your salt. If nothing sells, then you are not that intelligent.

But I’d rather think you are lying and you did not try any activity besides sitting in station, therefor claiming that you know what other activities are without having a slight understanding of it.

Actually I rather think you did not even try to adapt to the change. Just claim “it’s bad for the game”, while the truth is, it’s only bad for YOUR game.

So the mandatory question : can I have your stuff ?

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Says who? You?
Who cares about what you think?
They don’t. End of Story.

Apparently not anymore and that’s the end of it.

Not because I say so,
but because they say so.

There’s also no vigilantism when you stare at a spread sheet.
Vigilantism is about survival, not about looking at numbers.
Don’t insult your own intelligence just for having an argument.

But those guys never had any authority. They only had money.
Money does not automatically equal Power and Authority.
It takes the human behind the money to make that happen.

Most people are stupid idiots,
who are hoarding money for the sake of hoarding money.

We have more and more millionairs in the world. Do you think they have power?

When one of those people is standing in front of you,
thinking high of themselves and looking down on you,
they will still bleed and spit blood when you hit him with a fist.

No power. Just wannabeism.

Now, when you own a bank

Cant argue with that.

But within the game as a structure, doesnt the market inform the spectrum of activity that any player who isnt a dragon on a hoard can buy the tools to do? I mean obviously to people who are socially controlled, but also in regards to anyone who doesnt just use what falls out of dead ships?

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What tools?

Ships, modules etc?

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