EVE Online Markets

The EVE Markets are broken. Competition is healthy, however most are willing to produce and sell at a loss “for a quick sale”. I propose:

Players are allowed only one sale/buy modification per day
Price modifications greater than x%, with confirmation, are automatically sent as a contract

This will help combat botters and give a chance at price stabilization, allowing builders at least some profit for their efforts.


If undercutting the competition or being able to sell fast is going on, the market is working perfectly.

Market is PvP, someone just got roflstomped :smile:

Not at all, I merely would like to see bots rid of this game.

Then you need to rewrite your post because that is not how it reads.

“This will help combat botters and give a chance at price stabilization, allowing builders at least some profit for their efforts.”

Its the closing, an after thought, your first paragraph complains about being undercut by players.

“Competition is healthy”

As a market trader, so would I. But your proposal has two problems:

I fail to see how forcing big price mods to be contracts has anything to do with fighting bots. It sounds like the complaint of someone who doesn’t like being priced out of a market.

Allowing only one price modification a day simply eliminates the advantage that active traders have over passive traders. It essentially turns everyone into a passive trader. It would also heavily tilt the playing field in favor of corporations, who could get 30 people to bid on an item each day and essentially corner the market for that item.

So, no. Fighting bots is good; but come up with a proposal that doesn’t wreck the market in an effort to save it,

As it stands the market is broken. Large corporations dominate the market anyway. I dont know about you, I would rather be doing other things other than playing the “0.1 ISK” game. I see nothing wrong with passive trading…


go back to what ever game you were playing that used Auction House mechanics

Say hello to alts with orders on the market that you can just log in to change their orders.

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And then CCP takes this suggestion and limits the ability to update market orders as an omega only perk. Greed is good :money_mouth_face:

Sorry. This isn’t going to happen.

Hate bots? Think of something that hurts bots rather than everyone.

I think if CCP introduced some mandatory clicking in the agency window when one wants to change a contract or market order will solve the bot problems. /s :stuck_out_tongue:

There must be a way of detecting bot activity in game, i no nothing about them but i dont understand how they even connect into the game to do things, but whatever they do surely it is detectable

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