CCP we need a market autobidder

Regarding the market;

So get this right, 20 years ago auto-bidding on ebay etc was used to allow auction buyers to autobid against people up to a set ceiling, in eve if you get outbid 5min after you turn pc off. Now you are screwed and on low volume orders you will get undercut. This pressured people to start running trade bots to get the results they wanted, CCP bans them instead of sanctioning and building an in-game alternative.

Instead of the important stuff like autobidding we get a ■■■■■■■ lottery system.

This company cant even do the basics right which is why I don’t play any more. If I log on for more than 2 hours a week its remarkable. I have played the game for 10 years, it sucks to see the company drifting away from implementing QOL and instead chasing the dragon with total bullcrap like triglavian and raffle system. Up next is poker?

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Get out.


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Then why are you here? Go away and stay away.

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Pandering to whales is killing the game.

Pandering to whiners killed the game.


Not mutually exclusive catagories of people.

EvE is not for you.

One of the worst ideas ever

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auto bidding on auction (what you imply) is not the same as auto-changing your market orders (what you really ask for). If you are afraid that someone undercuts you in 5 minutes - set the price right from the very beginning.

Again: market is not an auction!

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Poker would be awesome

Yes it literally is, just because you don’t understand what the boundaries of a definition for auction is doesn’t mean the eve market doesn’t function as an auction. Selling bids vs buying bids with the sale price being the reserve and the two services functioning as a conventional vs Dutch auction. Nice try though.

I’m pretty sure there’s a market subforum for your idea.

And your idea is basically just a market bot supported by CCP. That’s a terrible idea and I can’t imagine how awful the markets would be if it were implemented. Just think about your thread title, it says “auto” bidding. That’s gameplay that ruins the game.

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ah is it though CCP was against Gambling at one time “wink wink” but HyperNet is not gambling its

“The HyperNet Relay is an enjoyable new method of selling items”

So maybe ccp will remarket Botting as “limbless support utility”


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I’m actually not against this, because prices would be driven down by the automatic system, as each existing order (set to auto reduce) would compete at it’s 5 minute interval.

My concern would be server load.

Terrible idea mate ,


The abuse would be hilarious…

Can we have this re-titled correctly:
“CCP we need a market autobidder bot”


I can see ppl putting items up for ridiculously low prices just so they can buy cheaper. I have never really got into the markets and buy orders etc but if i understand this correctly…

i want to buy some sansha warp scramblers
Someone has one for sale at 60,000,000
i put a buy order up for 30,000,000
I put one for sale i already own at 30,000,001.
Your auto feature drops it down under my price.
K’ching, i have a new warp scrambler for a very good price.

This is just an example btw, just an example of how this could work??