Auction System needs some tender loving care

Hi All,

Dear Council of Stellar Management.

Please gently but firmly continue to bring to the attention of appropriate people at CCP the seemingly baked in glitches with the auction system. It is in need of an overhaul for the following reasons"

  1. It appears that if one bids on an auction, is outbid and looses interest in continuing to bid there is no way to drop out and clear the contract slot. The auction continues to occupy a precious slot until its done. In the case of a 2 week auction this can be highly annoying.

  2. If the seller does not claim his or her isk and the buyer does not claim his or her goods then everyone who bid on the auction appears to be stuck with that auction occupying a contract slot until they clear it. This is once again annoying as it allows my auction slots to be clogged by other people’s schedules.

  3. Sometimes the auction seems to appear on other characters on the same account. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but it can be confusing.

Given that there are things that can only be sold on contract (rigged ships, abyssal items to name two) it impairs virtual commerce and frengi ish player enjoyment to have contract slots clogged up as mentioned in 1 and 2 above.

In conversations with veteran players I’ve heard that CCP does not seem to care (some of the players have been quite rude.) I for one don’t believe this. It is a customer service issue that would make the game better so please ccp find a way to improve the auction system and iron out the existing glitches that make it annoying and slow.


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Oh, sorry…I mean:

Serious question - Eve has an auction system?


Please, may a member of the stellar council respond to this so that there is some assurance that it will be brought to the attention of CCP. (lol I always want to write CCCP back in the USSR)

I will pass this on.


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