Contract Auction Issue

I bid on a Contract Auction (the auction had no buyout) and won the item. The item got delivered to me fine so everything worked.

However the Contract has now been in the state “Unclaimed by seller” for the last 3 months, as I guess the seller never claimed the ISK when the auction ended. I’m not really sure why the seller is even required to do anything when an auction ends, they should just get the money and it’s completed.

So my problem is that now this Contract shows up in both my Outstanding Contracts, and my In Progress Contracts for the last 3+ months. And it shows as Expired. Since I sometimes do hauler courier contracts this is extremely annoying, I don’t want to see an In Progress Contract with the bright red Expired text every time I query my own Contracts.

I created a support ticket and was told basically that it is working as intended and I must contact the seller to claim/close/whatever they need to do to close the contract. Well that’s great unless this person doesn’t play the game anymore…

I saw a few forum posts from 3+ years ago complaining about the same thing so I guess it’s a known issue and the Contract system for auctions is just really poorly done.

I experience the same problem and it irks me so much but CCP doesn’t care.
Contract system could be improved in many ways but they’re apparently busy with other things.

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