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I have just bid on an auction that said “less than an hour”, as soon as i bid it changes to “less than a day”

Having done some googling I have discovered it is to deter sniping… However once it is reset (to deter sniping) does that mean it resets to 23:59:59 or is it just a random less than a day time amount? I can’t seem to find the right kind of information regarding this.

If anyone could provide a link explaining this (I don’t care about the why). Thank you.

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That’s not an auction. The time remaining is purely to purge the market of unused orders. That’s why it reset when you interacted with it.

I don’t have any links but I think it use to be if someone bids within the last 15 minutes, the contract get’s extended another 15 minutes, if more bids are placed, it continues to get extended.

I believe CCP changed that to allow other players a chance to bid on it, so now when an auction contract gets down to less than an hr and someone places a bid on it, the contract deadline gets reset to 24 hrs which makes it show less than a day or like you stated, 23:59:59. If nobody else bids on it, then you’ll win the contract.

So the auction is done; another pilot overbid my offer, pity but no problem. But now I get an “a contract needs your attention” every time I log in. The contract says auction is over, but not claimed by the buyer yet, which is not me of course. This goes for days now…

Is there any way to tell the system that I paid enough attention to that contract?

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Been a while since I’ve messed around with contracts, however there should be an option to dismiss or delete the notification…

If you haven’t been able to clear the message just yet, head over to your contract window and then filter your contracts to “Needs Attention” from the dropdown menu.

From there you, click on “Get Contracts” and you should see the contract pop up and be able to click on it and dismiss it. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps you out!

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Yeah , thanks!
I presume the buyer finally claimed his stuff :slight_smile:

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