Imagine an auction house where every time you place a bid you are charged $1000,-

Does it make sense? No

Is it what we have in Eve for market orders, yes.

Seriously, when does it ever make sense to charge the placing of the bid more than the tax on the actual buying of the item? The market with relist fee is probably the most obnoxious way of trying to communicate you want to buy something I can even think of.

Just raise the sales tax if you want an isk sink. 10%, 20% I don’t care, just don’t charge up to 5% (or more when relisting, lol) for the mere act of stating you want to buy something.

Thats not how auctions in EvE work


It is the genius new way market orders work.

Then dont compare them to auctions, which are totally different.


even i that love to come here and say don’t cry , adapt , think they f up the market
i mean

I suppose you are a trader or an industrialist. Then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU COMPLAINING? since changes I have way more visibility on market , better volumes and some prices are too good to be true. 0.01 bots are out of business for now. I have to thank CCP for that , and y should do the same. work your trading in smart way, manage your volumes better and RESEARCH THE MARKET , stop being lazy


Tears like this are why I’ve been seeing better profits after the change than before it.

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This ^^^

I’m able to sell much better than before, some prices are better too.




Agreed. I’m also enjoying better volumes and, surprisingly, better margins. The people who don’t understand the cyclical nature of commodity markets (and if you compare it to an auction, you definitely don’t!) are dropping out and won’t be missed.


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