Fix the market!

CCP, please roll back the tax on modifying orders in the market.
I can no longer sell or buy anything without being undercut by someone else. Only now I cannot update my price anymore unless I pay A TON of ISK. What am I supposed to do, place an order and wait one month?
For illiquid items it poses an even bigger issue.

Btw, people didn’t stop undercutting each other because of this tax. Now it’s simply the biggest idiot or the person who wants to lose the most ISK (or most of the time both) that fills their order.

Another challenge is that this tax applies on the entire order. For example by the time you are able to sell 100 items on a slow market. Someone with 5 items per order can easily beat you since he pays almost no tax compared to you.
I have started to split my large orders into tiny orders and I started the 1ISK game like that all over again, beating other players that way in the market.
But how ridiculous is that?

Bottom line, the tax is simply put, retarded. I don’t think much research was performed on your part, and if research was performed it must have been done by unqualified people if they came to this conclusion.

The change in tick value (minimum price change) was a good change though. Changing the price by 1 cent on a 100M ISK item was just…
This alone stopped the .01 ISK game. I thought his was the goal, right?
And also increases market efficiency because it forces prices to fair value faster. Leave this change but remove the order update tax for the love of god. Or increase the 5 minute limit or pretty much ANYTHING else


Actually, yes. Use your brain. Set a good price. Leave it.

Sorry you can’t play the market like a brainless monkey doing nothing but adjusting your orders by 0.01 isk every 5 minutes.


All these salty merchants sound like the same to me. Omergerd i might have think to play… relac bois if you cant adapt then eve probably isnt for you.

Okay, the number of threads talking about the market is starting to get a little ridiculous. Maybe post in one of those, rather than creating redundant threads.

Closed for redundancy.

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