Market still jacked?

Did they reverse these idiotic tax increases yet?

No, and I’ve heard of no plans to do so.

I don’t believe CCP intends to revert the tax rates. It was a part of their skill rebalances for trade skills, and a way to promote trade within player citadels over just taking everything to Jita 4/4. It worked for some things but not everything.

Honestly the only annoying thing is there are a few items i used to reliably flip that now have a 0 profit margin with the new taxes, beyond that its business as usual.

Taxes went up…prices went up…no biggy.

I am actually happy more trade is moving to players citadels since with them I know I am guaranteed to survive the tethered docking and undocking when I buy expensive stuff.

You do know that CCP’s long term plan is to eventually shut down NPC stations? Therefore, they will continue increasing the NPC taxes.

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That’s my guess…and I bet it will be this fall…

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