Restructuring Taxes After Relief Unofficial Feedback

Restructuring Taxes After Relief

The official feedback thread must have gotten lost, so I decided to start one for CCP.

Anyone have an opinion about the new tax structure? Link is at the top, but essentially:

Base Unmodified Taxes:

  • Sales Tax: 2.5% → 8.0% (Previously 5.0%)
  • Brokers Fee: 2.5% → 3.0% (Previously 5.0%)
  • Total Taxes: 5.0% → 11.0% (Previously 10.0%)

Minimum Taxes (Modified by Skills, Standings, etc):

  • Sales Tax: 1.125% → 3.6% (Previously 2.25%)
  • Brokers Fee: 0.5% → 1.0% (Previously 3.0%)
  • Total Taxes: 1.625% → 4.6% (Previously 5.25%)

Basically, sales tax is going up by ~40-50% and brokers fees are being reduced by ~40-70%.

Any strong opinions for or against the changes?

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Bye bye isk velocity.


CCP finding a way to nerf new player’s income?


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Does anyone know if these tax increases have already gone into effect? The announcement should have given a specific start date for said increases, and the announcement should have been made in advance (a week would be sufficient) for people to make modifications to their planned and current market orders.

Glad I didn’t stop my Accounting training.

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Confirming that it’s in effect now. I’m sure they didn’t give particular warning so that people wouldn’t go modify their market orders.


These are live per the parch notes.

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Yup, it’s a nerf for alphas.

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Just for npc stations. It’s going back to how it was. If you want the best deals go to the TTT rather than jita IV 4. This is how it was supposed to work. As a way to reduce the amount of isk in game ccp temporally removed the incentive for trading in player structures. That incentive is now being returned.

Bye Eve o/

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Can I have your stuff?

a more permanent fee reduction is what this was, more sales tax sure, but less overall still for those who relisting and moving products

Back to TTT we go. Which is exactly what CCP wants, if history is any indicator.

What the rich man wants, the rich man gets, I guess.

Why is CCP’s philosophy on increasing activity always to horrifically complicate or nerf the crap out of game activities rather than incentivize? The scary daily player count trend reveals the long-term results of this approach, so why do they continue to approach it this way?

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Because @CCP_Rattati 's design philosophy is that the players need to be punished and not rewarded.

He also claims that all the players who quit because of his 2 year nerf crusade are all going to come back whenever he decides to stop making the game worse. :rofl:


Nah, everyone will start buying more plex when it’s too hard to make isk. It’s not like there are many other games they could play.

I think at this point they have realized that there are a certain subset of players that will stick around no matter how awful they are treated just because they have invested so much time in EVE.

CCP is just really lucky that Star Citizen is vaporware because if it was an actual functioning game, I would guess a significant number of the player base would just go play that instead.

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We’re going back to the glory days when a billion isk was a lot. New players be damned.

I really hate the increase in sales tax cuz it means I get a lot less ISK from market arbitrage and selling blue loot


The beatings will continue until morale improves