Restructuring Taxes After Relief Unofficial Feedback

Seems that the player stations like IChooseYou that are supposed to have 1% broker fee are now 4.76 % so it doesn’t just affect NPC stations.

Nah real players will just leave and go find something else to do.

We are already seeing the migration of the game to a more … friendly to automatic play based economy that is favoured by the new target consumer.

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CCP’s head is squarely in its A$$ with this. Removing 0.01 isk was one thing. Broker fees for relist is complete bs. Attempting to regulate market activity is only punishing traders and ruining the markets. Yes, people are forced to find other ways of making isk, but this still cuts into the profits of production, slows down turn over and locks up isk. Hire an economist and fix the bedrock of the game. Whatever you hoped to fix here you failed. Market competition is the great equalizer, or was. This takes away from the sandbox experience the game is, or was, known for.

The broker fee for modifying and order is, effectively, taxing competition itself. 3 modifications and you have lost 9% of your margin. Its absurd…no, its completely stupid. You cannot quantify the number of modifications required to be competitive. So, on its face the taxes would appear to be less. Yet, in practice they are grossly inhibiting trade and liquidatation of goods. The only long term out come is inflation.

Burn jita

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You said it yourself; you are not a market “fiddler” and you are an alpha. It has been farily normal to have tight margins of 10% or less. When you are lossing 1-3% for each relist that margin disappears fast. So you have to sit on it which slows the rate of liqidation. For some this isn’t an issue. But for those that are running srp’s and corp buybacks it means that they have to wait longer and put in more time in order to liquidate there good in order to provide services to their members. So what has become more expensive is being competitive and relisting. Not just in isk but in time…which is isk. The incentive to participate in the market is lowered. This also means that loading up a frieghter and liquidating in Jita verses selling to your local Alliance store makes a lot less sense. This puts more power in the hands of the nullsec markets who, in turn, have less competition from Jita/hubs as an alternative. Therefore they can buy at a much lower price than the hubs. When the goods do arrive they have an advantage in that they can soak the cost of relisting. Which is fine for me, but not for everyone.

If you are not living in wormhole or nullsec then you are going to have a hard time being competitive due to your lower refine rate which keeps your costs higher. Now it takes more time to liquidate or you are forced into buy orders. This was true even before the changes.

In general, reducing the individual trader’s agility in the market reduces the market’s response time in self correction. It inhibits the preformance of local traders. It benefits large operations that can afford to hold products longer. It reduces the amount of competition that the large operations face as well, imho.

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