Buy Order Stupidity

I attempted to sell an item at the price on the existing highest price buy order. Am I able to do that? No!

The mechanic moved up my sell order to an increment above the buy order… So I had to lower my sell price order to below the buy order price in order to sell the item to the buyer.


You CCP morons have made it impossible to sell an item to a buyer at the asked for price ! What the hell is wrong with you idiots!

First, you ruin the competitive aspect of seller PvP by penalizing any seller who wants to lower their price through excessive broker fees, and you then make it impossible to sell to the buyer at his asked for price.

To add to this absurdity, the four empires decided to wreck the market by instituting obscene brokers fees for sellers who want to change their sell price below competitors. As idiotic as that may seem, it defies any logic when considering the lore associated with the empires as they now exist. Would the Gallente Federation restrict their markets in the fashion that now exists? NO! Would the Caldari ? NO! Would the Amarr? Maybe.Would the Minmatar? NO!

This market as it now exists shows the weakness and inability of CCP to control cheaters and bots, and blithely penalizes legitimate players. Make no mistake about it, we are paying dearly for CCP’s inability to control bad actors in the markets.

Hey CCP, you make me sick. Don’t call this a “players driven economy”, Don’t market your game with this concept when it is all BS. Realism, my tail.

And to all you CCP fundamental orifice kissing trolls. I defy you to refute the logic as outlined above.

Sell your order with Duration set to Immediate then. Anything else means you’re setting up a Sell Order listing.

I’d ask you to first learn the mechanics of the market and how things work before getting mad at CCP.


@OP please stop being a complete idiot and making me agree with this guy, this is very disturbing and I feel dirty.

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I don’t know… I liked the intensity with which the OP stated his grievances and begged for his logic to be recognized.


I agree, the tears are so genuine it is a pleasure to read, and really, what whine of this caliber is not based on pilot error? :open_mouth:

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I did learn the mechanics, what CCP did was wrong… perfect example is triglavian surveys current player buyer is at 94000.00 isk, now if I am an isky person or a bot, I could understand them moving my price of 94000.01 isk to 94000.00 isk hey they screwed a bot that is great. Now a real person accidentally puts a price of 94001.00 and ccp moves it too 94000.00 with out veryfying or saying anything, they could ask do you want to make the new price 94010.00 which is what is actually needed to get a proper price, but they don’t they just take your money, prevent you from changing it for 5 minutes and recharge you another broker fee to fix it. they are charged player double. So why are the players being punished…Heck I will give you a solution, put a button a confirm notification on the screen that
could be right left or center to confirm a sale, bots would have a hard time finding it

work button

general idea of what it would look like, just an idea… #hurtbotsnotplayers


Change: Order prices can only be specified with a maximum precision of 4 significant figures.

Currently in EVE, all order prices can be specified to a 0.01 ISK precision, regardless of the magnitude. This will be changing and will use discrete ticks to a precision of four significant figures.

As an example, the following list shows the only acceptable ticks around the 1 million ISK region. All prices must be exactly set to one of these tick levels, and intermediate values will be rounded up/down to the next tick.

Yeah, no. Learn how the market works, please.

Spoken like someone who has no idea of what they’re talking about, lmao.


You say that like someone who has no accounting experience or programming experience…lmao

Says the kid who can’t even set a sell order to “Immediate” and avoid all of these problems in the first place.

I was talking about BUY orders learn to read please

This didn’t just get written. Surely.

Seriously I noticed a lot of people selling items for just over the BO.
I guess it’s a lot of people who got got by this, but there really are a lot.

Cool, so you just walked in and decided to talk about your own thing, because the OP is talking about Sell Orders.


I see it a lot also, great place to buy stuff, if you watch for it…most of them missed the immediate, and I think maybe hit auto sell

what was the name or the discussion…Surely

I used to use the 3 months option the vast majority of the time so it becomes habit not to even check what it’s set to. Consequently I’ve done the same thing on a few rare occasions.

No, OP’s complaint was that when he was trying to SELL to a buy order, these problems arose. All of his problems could easily have been solved by simply setting his Sell order’s duration to Immediate.

Given that OP didn’t know that worked, it’s understandable that he would mis-attribute the source of the problem to Buy Orders, rather than his own lack of knowledge of the game.

Do try to keep up.

I am keeping up just fine, me and scarlet are talking just fine, you seems to have a problem, its a GENERAL DISCUSSION about BUY ORDER STUPIDITY, consider that, maybe you can back off your trolling a bit and maybe actually realize multiple people are actually talking, your trolling doesn’t help. I will refrain from talking to you in the future, and you can just skip by my post as well.

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