Selling lower than highest buy price - why?

So I just made a mistake and missed a digit, making me lose 1,6 bil while selling my stuff. When you put something on the market, and choose to sell lower than the highest buy price, it’ll sell for the highest buy price, correct? However, if you modify your price later, you’ll now be able to sell at any price, not matter how low compared to the highest buy price. Why is this mechanism in the game? To me it makes no sense.

Seller: “Hey, i want to sell this Titan for 1 bil”
Buyer: “Erhm, but I’m willing to pay 54 bil?”
Seller: “No, I only want 1 bil, keep your 53 bil”
Buyer. “Okay…”

If you sell something lower than the highest buy price, you will sell it at whatever amount you put in, if there is an active buy order for that price.

I.e. You have an item that someone has a buy order for 300 million isk. You put in 30 million isk by mistake. If there is a buy order for 30 mill, then you will sell to that guy.

It makes perfect sense.

Seller: “Hey, i want to sell this Titan for 100 billion, but i made a mistake and put it in for 1 billion isk”.
Buyer: “Erhm, im willin to pay 90 billion, but if youre going to put it for 1 bill, hell yeah, ill take it. Thanks”.

Id be wiling to buy a super for 12 billion isk. But if someone puts a contract for 1 bill for a super, ill take it.

Just because someone is willing to pay an amount, doesnt mean they wouldnt like to pay less if they could. Who wouldnt?

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I just made a test selling some rockets. The highest buy price was 215,52. Two buy orders was at 215,02 however, so I put the selling price to 215,02. But behold, none of the two buy orders at 215,02 changed in amount, meaning I sold to the 215,52 buy order

And I’m not talking about contracts, as I don’t know how the buy/sell contracts interact. I’m talking about the buy order, which buys an items for a decided amount. There is no manual interaction of a player sitting and accepting a specific contract. Nowhere in the real world it would make sense for someone to put an item on a market/auction and on purpose selling the items wayy lower than what people are actively trying to buy the item for.

Sold a Hulk for 350k instead of 350M before…

But Also had someone contract me 4B in ship skins for 4M… so in the end we all fk and get fk’d.

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No, you didnt.

Use a more different amount and check your wallet to see how much you actually sold it for.

For example, I just sold 10 Javelin Inferno Rockets. There is a buy Order for 0.11 isk in Jita. The highest buy order is 30.94 isk. I sold 30, and i got 0 isk.

Try it.

I wasnt talking just about contracts.

And yes, it makes perfect sense in the real world for someone to put an item on the market/auction and selling the item way lower than what people are actively trying to buy the item for.

Its called making a mistake.

If i am trading online, and know that a share of a stock is worth 100 dollars, but mistakenly accept an offer of someone selling it for 10 dollars, thats a mistake. I know the stock is worth 100 dollars, and i know that people are buying and selling around that figure. But there are also people who low-ball and send out far, far lower offers.

Thats what you did.

Thats your mistake.

Now you have to live with your mistake.

what you are trying to do here is putting the responsibility of your error on the mechanisms/rules of the game.
You made an error, you misscliked, you are wrong
If you are doing pvp, the fcs says “don’t jump through the gate”, and you missclick and jump, you get podded at the other site, that’s your fault. You cannot expect the game to tell you “are you sure you wanna jump? reds are at the other side!”
If you are mining in a rorqual and missclick and click on indy core instead of warp to. You are stuck for 5 min. Reds come and tackle you. You cannot expect the game to tell you “are you sure you want to click on this button? reds are 3 jumps out!”
So why would you think that the game should warn you if you put the wrong price in an order or a contract?

Learn from your mistakes. And remember you only lost pixels


I’ve never said, it wasn’t my fault, don’t put that on me. I’m saying it doesnt make sense that you put in a sell order that sells for lower than a buy order already present.

What? I could say the same about your real life bank account - it’s only numbers on a screen. Isk lost in game equals time - so I lost time.

Again, i disproved this.

It makes perfect sense.

Look, it all comes down to this.

It doesnt make sense if you intentionally, and knowingly put it up for lower than a buy order already present.

But if you mistakenly put it up for lower than the highest buy order, it makes perfect sense.

You made a mistake. Therefore, it makes perfect sense.

Well you never sell to anyone .

You ask a broker to do it for you if certain conditions are met.

So when you place a sell order you tell the broker .

I have this item and i will not sell it for less than x

If another broker ( buyorder ) met that criteria then your broker accpet it as it meet the criteria you set.

There for you can end up selling an item at 10 mil insted of 100 as you have accepted that 10 mil is the minimum you wanna sell for.

Works both ways … buy orders just limted the maximum amount you wanna pay.

@Steve_Dolk Don’t pay attention to the troll. You certainly have a point. It’s just impossible to get CCP to put a warning pop-up in there or to make it somewhat more user-friendly. Until then is it simply user-unfriendly. Trading has several of these issues. Only by falling for them does one learn about them. Remind yourself that the game is now more than 15-years old and not all parts of the game have seen overhauls.

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Yeah, that’s how it works.

The highest buy order will always buy first, as long as the price is NOT HIGHER than the buy order.

Highest Buyorder at 100m x 20
2nd Highest at 96m x 20
3rd Highest at 95m x 5
4th highest at 5m x 200

By mistake you sell at 10m x 50 pieces.

Highest buyorder gets filled completely, for 10m x 20 (you get 200m, and buyer pays 200m, despite he/her was willing to pay 2b - your mistake saved them 1.8b)
2nd highest gets filled as well, for 10m x 20
3rd highest gets filled as well, for 10m x 5.

5 pieces left. Those won’t sell, as the 4th highest buyorder is below what you’re selling for.

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Regarding digit-mistakes, personally I just accepted this as part of the game.

However, there is a case where you want to sell lower than the highest buy order.

Let’s say I have 10,000 units of item X. I know/suspect that the price is going to go down quickly. Right now there are plenty buyorders at a price which I’m happy to sell. Let’s say there are about 50 buyorders between 20 and 500 units of X that I want to sell to. Their price difference is less than 1% from lowest to highest.

Now, for the sake of dumping my stock quickly, I would look at the order with the lowest price I’m still willing to sell for. Since the highest order is less than 1% above that lowest price and my priority is to dump quickly (assuming for the example that I expect the price to drop harder than a few %), I’ll sell “immediately” and put the price of that lower buy order in. The entire part of my stock up until that lower treshold will sell immediately.

Otherwise I’d have to repeat the process 50 times for those 50 buyorders, for a few ISK more, while taking the risk that the orders get filled by someone else in between or simply wasting time better spent elsewhere.

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Again, not true.

If you sell at the exact amount of a current active buy order, you will sell to that person, and not to the highest buy order.

Are you being sarcastic? Because a popup does show up if you are selling at a really low price from the average price.

In practise I don’t think this fulfills the intended purpose, because it’s not customizable and thus it pops up far too often. If you sell / buy X% above or below regional average, you’ll always have this annoying popup. People get used to expecting it and clicking it away, it’s that annoying. If they’d make it so that I can choose when it should pop up, it could be useful to realize a digit-mistake, but in its current state it serves no other purpose than to annoy players.

In my experience it’s pretty accurate. I used to respect the pop up. It only gets confusing when an even item is new on the market or the items trade count is so low and varied, it can’t make a proper average estimation.

Wrong, you’ll always sell to the highest buy order as long that order is still active and not fulfilled , whatever amount of items you’re willing to sell.

Exactly like the sell orders, the lowest sell order will always have the priority and will get whatever amount of ISK someone pays.
Whatever you do you will never be able to buy from someone else as long the lowest sell order is still active.

And someone recently asked why we should have multiple personal wallets. :smile:

Edit: Or some of us would like them.

@Ganellon_Devians , youre wrong.

In the first picture, you will see that i am trying to sell 50 Inferno javelin rockets. As you can see, the highest buy order is 30 isk and some change. I sell 50 immediately at that price. What happens?

50 rockets times 30 isk a peice, and i get 1500 isk in my wallet.

Now, heres a screen shot of me selling 50 of the same rockets at a different price. I set the price to an active buy order, the 0.11 isk buy order at the very bottom.

Lo and behold, 5 isk is deposited into my wallet.

So no, i tried this. You are wrong, i am right.