Buy orders should not execute for more than market price

Why do buy orders go through for more than market price?

If I put a buy order for an item at 1 mil, but accidentally put 10 mil, it charges me 10 mil. Why not just buy the items at market rate?

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maybe because placing a buy order and buying from sell orders are not the same thing.


That makes no sense to what I said.

When placing a buy order you put in the price you want to pay for said item, the game can’t see if you input 10m, by accident or not, but only wanted to input 1m. So of course the game will use the input that is present when you “confirm” you buy order.

Now if you meant that you buy from a sell order then you’re still to blame for your own fault; you clicked the order to which you buy; if you used the “buy now”, not going into the regional market and find and pick the specific order, it will always(?) pick the cheapest order in your current region.


I know how it works currently.

I’m saying the current system is dumb.

If I put a buy order in 100 units for 10 billion/unit and each unit is 1 million for sell orders, it makes more sense to just buy the top 100 units at the price they are being sold for.

Your answer is: “You’re fault.”

That’s a poor answer imo. Of course it’s my fault, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s moronic system to begin with.

To answer your “Buy Now”, I modify orders a lot, so it wouldn’t work for me. Because I modify orders a lot, it’s bound to happen eventually.

It is your fault though, if you place an order for 10M and they sell for 1M it will not buy anything. It allows others to sell to you for the price you established.

It will not buy anything? What? It does buy.

If I put a BUY ORDER in for 100 mil on items that are 11 mil on sell market, it will immediately fill them all for 100 mil each. The buyers will actually get 100 mil instead of 11 mil.

Because that’s how the game works. The game can’t say “Oh, he did this accidentally” and just cancel the buy order. That’s why there’s a such thing as checking your input

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What are you talking about? Literally dude. Does anyone even know how the game works?

The game doesn’t need to say anything. It’s called buy all the sell orders at the current value instead of paying 100 billion for a 2 million item on the sell market.

If I SELL an item for 25 mil and I’m cheapest on market, and some guy puts a buy order in for 2500 mil, then I actually get 2500 mil and he loses 2500 mil. Comprende?

The most logical thing to do is buy the items for 25 mil. The game already buys the cheapest item on the market anyway, even if you pick a specific listing. That’s why we have people put in .01 changes to their orders.

Still not a reason to buy the items 100M instead of 10.
It would make more sense to buy each item at the price of the offer.

The answer is likely : because it’s faster for the server.

This literally just sounds like you made some stupid mistake on the market by using buy orders, and didn’t bother to check it beforehand so now you’re whining on the forums


{citation needed}

You can double check and still make mistakes.
You can add a 0 too much, instead of pressing enter you press 0 + enter. With a program that helps fill the field.

No u.

If you do dumb stuff you are dumb. Stop doing dumb stuff like making threads like this.

Bc dumb.

But what makes it so that CCP should change how this system works? It’s just a simple “your fault” if you put the wrong input value.


You’re just being a jerk by trying to dismiss a legitimate issue in Eve that you probably don’t even understand.

The game already buys the cheapest item on the market anyway, even if you pick a specific listing. That’s why we have people put in .01 changes to their orders.

It makes no sense to pay a guy 20 billion on a listing that is 2 billion. If this is how it works, then Eve should stop fulfilling market orders to the lowest/highest bidder. Let people buy specific listings.

Who is talking about fault ? Only you.
The issue is that, if I place a BO of 5 items for 100M, and someone already placed a SO of 5 for 11M, I should purchase them for 11M, not 100M. Same if I place a SO too low.

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No u.

See, buying from sell orders is when YOU choose what to buy or not. Setting up a buy order is where YOU choose how much to pay. You made that choice so you paid that.

If it is YOU that made the mistake it is YOU that did so. Stop crying like a child on the forums cos you made a mistake ingame and are all ragey about your own stupidity.


You’re an idiot dude. I hope you make a mistake in real life banking, and the bank tells you the same thing. Karma man. Good luck in life you jerk.

Me: I suggest a logical change to the system.
Insane Eve Forum Trolls: “No. We don’t want change. It doesn’t affect me so go away.”


Oh, I’ve done trading in Eve. All i did for a good amount of time. I KNOW what it’s like, but I’m also smarter then you are, smart enough to make sure my numbers are correct

And for this? It does affect me. I’ve been scammed by people that used buy orders, but I didn’t cry about it. I just shrugged my shoulders, and went on with the game even though I lost billions.