Market: Better buy orders, fulfill at sell price if buy price is higher

If I put out a buy order and put in a value higher than existing qualifying sell order (range, etc). It should iterate through existing sell order and buy at that price. This could prevent the problem of forgetting a decimal and accidentally purchasing some item for 100X the real value, which is a horrible experience exacerbated by bad game mechanics.

Also, if there are bunch of small sell orders, and I want to consolidate purchasing them all, why should I have to click on each one and buy the specific quantity, over and over. I should be able to do a big buy order, but pay the sell price.

Then poor scamers will have nothing to eat

Take some self responsibility and understand that you just don’t need to forget,
instead of asking CCP to think for you.
Pay attention to what you’re doing or suffer the consequences.

Pick a more expensive one with the appropriate amount,
just like everybody else. Then they’re all bought up in one go …
… OR get it cheaper by doing it yourself.

Your choice.

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Having sold an item worth about 500 mil for 1 isk (stray pinkie hit the enter key) I know the pain of the market. So far as I’m concerned he earned it for being the only buy order for that item in the region!

I’m actually on board with this idea, but more because it will reduce clicks/typing to achieve the same result which I am ALWAYS on board with.

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