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I’m sure someone noticed this problem before, but the trading set up in orders is designed to clean the player if they make a mistake.
now the current systems works that if your order is of:
100 m
and you make an extra 0 you buy stuff for 1B.
ow this isn’t like i’m in low sec and got blown this can get your entire account clean in a matter of one click like it happened many times to me and other people i see.
It can work that if make a mistake i buy the lower price (what the seller intended) in most cases you will be paying more than what you intended but the loss wont be so great and people would trade more therefore have more fun and come back.
I get eve is supposed to be a mean step game that allows you no room for error but sometimes you get so clean that frustrates and makes people drop like flies…

There’s a popup that’s designed to tell you that what you’re buying 290384028302934% higher than other prices on the market in the region.

In terms of putting up buy orders, it’s my understanding that if you screw up the numbers really bad and end up getting whacked on the taxes/escrow, that the support team will help you when you file a ticket on that stuff.

What do you think would help folks not make mistakes in this situation?

  1. There is like 1000 different alert messages in the game specially when you trade the important one should be highlighted.
  2. No they will not give you a penny nor a day extension or SP nothing.
  3. I believe it should work like this:
    Lets say item a cost minimum 150 m
    i place a buy for 100 m
    when i make the mistake price goes up to 1 b
    i should buy at 150 m which is the price was listed anyway. I am getting a price difference penalty i dint intended in order to buy which is price difference between offered and demanded.
    that should be my penalty like this with a mix up in numbers and your entire amount of isk is gone tha’s not fun. Specially for a trader is like losing your entire game progress in 1 second.
    The mechanic is designed that if u make a mistake you might either sell something really valuable at a low price pr loos all your cash in one sale like it happened to me 1.5 b gone in one click and all my chances to continue the game as omega. we all know this game cannot be enjoyed as alpha after like a month or 2

The key to not making expensive mistakes is to not be in a hurry and to check your work.

That said, I have an idea that would address the OP’s complaint as well as one I have.

Often times when I’m placing buy/sell orders just above/below the current market leader, I get that dialog about my price being xx% above/below region average. It is really annoying to have that popup appear when I am, by definition, placing orders right exactly at the value they need to be in order to lead the market.

What if there was a user-controlled setting for that dialog? Like “only show it to my if my buy order is 15% above the region high, or my sell order is 15% below”.

I get less dialog spam, and the OP has only himself to blame if he ignores an alert he controls.

This would be true if this was actual working this is a game so controlling order by order and moving slow with them shouldn’t be the way CCP view’s it. Besides this tread aims to talk about something else which is that the mechanics are design to extra punish your game experience. So please don’t e like CCP don’t revolt all to the player. I’m not saying i shouldn’t be punish for trading mistakes what i’m saying is ought to pay for the mistake but the mechanics make it so that one mistake in one order wipes clean may hour of game play well done. Trading is not like well you went to null sec you know, so you get the experience you see your stuff blow and move forward. So if on top of that the mechanics damage your entire account, where is the sense on that
If you are really interested i noticed that where you are correct is that if you do all fast lag is to blame since sometimes wont take the last digit and sometimes has happens it wont take 3 and run a order low. This is happening more often as the whole game as you noticed is way more laggy coz they reduced server capacity by loads.

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