Market buy order scam fix

Guess I cant show the conversation, that’s a rule we must follow …lol… Thanks anyways…I’m over it.

Here’s a back and forth with me(new player) and a GM. Lost 1.999B in ten minutes in the market. I propose a fix that if you don’t have the money, then you cant place the buy order or a tutorial for noobs that explains how scammers are getting away with this.


I’m sure the comments will be all over and somehow its my fault, but think about it, saying your going to buy something and you go through all that work and the you get to the market and avoid the ganks, etc, just to find out, they already got your money because they were the ones that sold the item to you in the first place and then canceled the large buy order any there’s no way of knowing who the buyer is. What are your thoughts? Thank you.

First delete everything between you and the GM, it’s against forum rules.

Second, follow the old rule if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Why not try looking at this from a different perspective? You didn’t put the research into the market, possible scams and what risks there are. Sure, there’s no tutorial for this very specific scam but eve is known for being harsh and unforgiving.
Also, you can also think about it like this: why would somebody in dodixie want to buy a copper ourobos for 2.7 billion when it’s only 0.1 m^3? Anyone can move that in a shuttle in roughly 10 mins, do you really think somebody is dumb enough to pay 800 million for literally the easiest line of work? Wouldn’t it be fair to say that you got greedy, didn’t look into possible scams and fell for one, and now you’re complaining?

Here exactly, you’re obviously being too greedy with hauling. If anyone, even alphas, can do the task then it probably isn’t worth doing.
TL;DR The poor stay poor and the rich get richer, sucks huh

How? Its not to obvious.

Yes, I get it and Im not mad I got taken, I just think that kinda scam shouldn’t be aloud. If there’s a buy order, then the sell button should sell or the orders shouldn’t be able to be placed. Just my opinion.

Ok, well, I figured it out on how to delete it, so no body will get to see the whole story, but its ok. Thank you all for the instant positive feedback and go get your scam on I guess.

Yes, I thought it was risky. I thought the risk was that I might get ganked and get my ship blowen up…Not that when I made it to the next station that the order wouldn’t go through…that’s really BS. What would that be allowed for an order to be even placed if it cant be completed. I see that as an exploit and this is the real topic here, not weather I was greedy or not thinking somebody was dumb enough to pay for that…I get all that…I thought the risk was getting my ship blown up as it should have been…not that the order that was placed was never going to be completed from the get go and that’s the scam that noobies like myself are running into instantly and its a turn off. The real world doesn’t work like that. I hope you can see past all the BS and understand where I coming from. The game mechanic of being able to place a buy order and the game lets it not go through …for what ever skill or reason…is in my opinion a bad game mechanic. This can be done for any item in the game and it really make hauling obsolete for me because I don’t know if I get to the station anymore and if the buy order will goes through…yet there it is.

Which is exactly why you should research into the mechanics first. Sure, it’s not fun learning about extremely niche cases, but that how eve works

Agreed. That’s why I made the post so maybe someone will understand that for new players( like myself) this isn’t an obvious thing. I didn’t know I had to do research on that. You don’t know what you don’t know. Now that I know, I still think its a poor game mechanic that can be fixed with a patch and perhaps will make the game more enjoyable for newcomers…I lost 2B in ten minutes. It could of have been more, but the market should not allow that order to have existed in the first place…that’s my opinion. I respect yours as well.

Scamming is fundamentally part of the game. You’re going to have a hard time getting anybody to agree to making it more difficult to do scams that have been around for a long time.

Unlike other scams, this one relies on dumb market behavior you have absolutely no way of knowing until you either read about the scam or fall for it - even reading the skill description doesn’t help as market could (and imo should) be smart enough to filter orders that cannot be fulfilled at the moment (and have them reappear when you have enough money again). After all, what is the primary point of the skill (it likely wasn’t designed only for scamming)? I believe it was to make high volume mineral/ore/… buy orders you can only partly cover when you put them up.
This scam would be trivially fixable - only show the orders buyer can fulfil (you have enough money to cover the minimum order amount). It wouldn’t hurt its likely intended goal but prevent this cheap scam.

People should fall to scams due to their mistake or superior play on scammer side, not due to market behaving in a weird way you couldn’t have known unless explicitly reading about it. Say there are tons of contract scams that rely on you wanting to buy fast due to deal looking great, but then you severely overpay. These scams are “fair”, as all information needed is available in-game. Their mistake. Here, said info isn’t available in-game. When I first saw the scam I saw through, but thought it works by scammer cancelling the buy order when his sell order is taken - which would be a “fair” scam - there is all info available in game.

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