Fix market sell price mechanics

Today I bought 129 x X5 Enduring stasis webifiers for over 600M ISK… The item was selling for ~12.5K on the market, but when I adjusted my buy order to 4,714 ISK, I accidentally added three zeroes (many orders are in that range), so I basically paid 4.7M / webifier. I opened a ticket but all market sales are final, and there nothing support could do about it. I get that part, as payment went out to the lucky sellers.

What makes no sense here is that the game actually lets me do this. Didn’t get a warning either.
I should actually have paid the best sell offer (~12.5K/item), not a ridiculous amount almost 400 times the actual value. I basically ruined my character in a couple of seconds on a typo.

Could someone suggest CCP that this needs to be fixed (support directed me here)? I’m sure it happens all the time to others as well, and the outcome can be catastrophic. Basically if I buy something in a store or on the stock market for example, I get the lowest available sell price. Why can’t it be the same in EVE?


Because it’s faster to say “buy 5 items at price X” than “buy 5 items at price up to X”
I think you are right though.

You didn’t ruin anything. These things happen. Isk is isk, and it can be replaced.

People do dumb things in EVE all the time. I’ve bought more than my fair share of 1 bil isk cynos. It happens. Chalk it up to a learning experience.

I think his point is that this shouldn’t happen to begin with, and that we shouldn’t write off all these random losses as “oopsies just don’t do it again”. No functioning exchange or marketplace in the world operates this way, and I don’t see why eve’s should.


so you accidentally added 3 zeros , ignored the red lettering warning the offer is xxxx% above average , ignored or disabled the popup warning , yet somehow it’s not your fault and game mechanics should be changed .

■■■■■■■■ . go offer someone 1000x what they’re asking for something and see what happens …




He is not offering. He is accepting the offers that are already present. Learn the difference.


sounds like he’s making an offer . where did i go wrong ?

Eve uses a broker system, so you tell the broker “I want to pay 1b for that cyno” and they say “Sure, ok”.

Fat finger errors happen IRL as well as in Eve.

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The moment you believe he’s making an offer.

He wants to make an offer, but the game already buys the item at the price he entered, while in reality, nobody wants to buy an item for more expensive than it costs.

As he wrote, the SO was 12.5k. any order fulfilled is made at the price of the request. This allows to make simple calculations, like if I buy 2M tritanium at 4.01 and 2 M at 4.02, then I buy all at 4.02. But that’s bad, each offer should be paid at the price it is set - not more, not less.

No. You say “I want to buy 5 cynos for up to 1B”. And then the broker gets the cyno for 10M because it is offered at 10M.

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I say suck it up. It happens. I spent close to a billion on expanded cargo holds by pure mistake

As others say fat finger fook ups happens

You’re not a real player until you’ve blown money fatfingering the market. Suck it up and move on, don’t complain that they need to change game mechanics to cater to you.

Similar to locking keys in the car back in the day. I developed the habit of shaking them and looking at them when I get out of the car.

On the high side, you made some folks happier.

But it’s a bad game mechanic, that’s all.

What sucks, is that game mechanics - which is not even a game, but an implementation choice.

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you mean the price he offered when he pressed enter …

it works this way to prevent using the market to conceal real money trading . after receiving RL cash , the RMT’er puts an overpriced item for sale . the isk buyer makes an offer matching the overpriced item and , if it worked the way you said it should ,

he’s now laundered that dirty isk through the market .

No, I mean the price he entered.

That’s a complete nonsense.

Same, nonsense again. Now you can launder money by simply buying a low price, low trade volume item at a huge value. You could not with that change.

Your post is garbage nonsense.

I think this is a misunderstanding of how the buy order versus ‘rick click buy item’ mechanisms work.

If you want to buy an item at a specific price, you right-click on it, and hit buy this item. you can buy up as many of that item as there are listed, and the price is already listed for you.

When you place a buy order (which you do when you either hit that button, or input a price independently of the rick-click option), you’re saying to the game ‘I want to buy this item for this price’.

If you put in the wrong amount, that is - unfortunately - on you. Particularly when you put such a large amount above the current region average and click past the pop-up.

I know this feels bad at the moment, but if you made that 600m once, you’ll make it again. And, you can be sure, you won’t LOSE another 600m to a similar mistake again!


You say “I want to buy this item UP TO this price”.

Yes, the game understands “FOR” this price. This is the issue.

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OK, my phrasing was wrong. You wish to see this mechanic changed because you made a mistake. A fair position.

The game mechanic is exactly how I stated it. Furthermore, if you right-click on a sale offer in the market screen you cannot adjust the price - I’d missed that part of it.

Given that that’s the case, I think you are simply using the market incorrectly. When you right-click on a sale offer, you can’t even adjust the price. So you have in fact placed a buy order at an inflated price - there are sometimes reasons for doing this, and having these orders amended automatically would negate a handy tool in the market trader’s toolkit.

If you’d wanted to buy that item at the offered lowest price, you could simply have right clicked on the offer and bought up as many items as were available at that price. You would have had no chance to make the error that you made.

Asking to change a mechanic because you (or I, apparently!) don’t understand how it works isn’t really gonna get very far. Sad to say.

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Thank you all for the replies and feedback. I do agree that the typo was my bad, that is not the issue here. And I can suck it up as someone said, that is fine as well. I get it. Lessons learned.

But our goal is to make EVE a player friendly game, not a stressful experience where you have to double check everything twice . And I don’t feel this is how a market should work.

If in RL, if I use a broker, i expect him/her to get me the best price on the market, not to screw me up. If that happens, I would never use its services again.

In this case for example, I told my broker buy 129 webifiers at a price “up to” 4.7M (which sure was stupid), but I didn’t tell him to buy at exactly that price (I would expect my broker to acquire items at the best market price until my order is fulfilled)

The current mechanics has another annoying side effect. Let’s say for example I want to buy 50 spiced wine bottles and the market sell offers are something like:
10 at 10K
10 at 20K
10 at 50K
10 at 100K
10 at 200K
I should be able to say buy 50 at up to 200K and pay 100K+200K+500K+1M+2M = 3.8M
Right now though I would pay 10M. If I want to get the 3.8M price, I would have to place 5 orders, one for each of the sell offer.

So overall I think this should be looked at for al these reasons, to keep making EVE a better game and a great player experience.

A learning experience for sure, and in my case I’m fine swallowing the loss and replace the ISK. But this is about user experience, particularly for new players which would probably leave the game if loosing all their hard earned ISK on a typo. This also makes EVE a dumb game by implementing poor and unrealistic market mechanics. And is has other side effects (see my follow-up note above). So it might be worth thinking a bit more about this rather than discard it as a dumb player action.

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