Sell orders with error

Hello. I am trader and i dont understand this feature sell orders.

sell - 839kk
Bye - 705kk
Error in change sell order - 83,9kk
Auto-sell - 83,9kk.
Why if player want buy ikitursa for 705kk - he gets it for 83,9kk
Error in order becomes fatal for the seller.
it would be logical to make a sale for 705kk or not?

By putting the sell order at 83,999,845 ISK, you are saying “I am willing to sell this item for this amount of ISK.”

The buyer, with his buy order, is saying “I am willing to pay up to this amount of ISK” but if you are selling for less, then he is more than happy to fulfill that order for less.

Sucks, but next time maybe you should pay more attention.

Option one (83kk): seller spent 750kk. This mistake is fatal for him. The buyer is very pleased that bought 10 times cheaper
Option two (705kk): the seller lost a small amount for an error. The buyer is satisfied that he bought what he wanted.
which of the options breed more injustice and negativity?

The game doesn’t care. Sorry man. You should have paid attention.

Of course I am to blame for this mistake. Question - can be can be get rid of negative moments in game? or this game is about “pain and suffering” )

The only pain and suffering is that you put on yourself for not paying attention. Stop trying to blame the game.

Can I punish myself by shooting myself in the leg? (

Do whatever you want man.

Like, if it were me, I’d check my market logs and see who the buyer was and send him a message and ask if he’d be cool with giving it back to you for the same price because it was a mistake. Might work out, might not.

Money is not the problem. This money the buyer found on the street - they it. This forum is designed to improve the game. I suggested an option to improve the game (from my point of view). You say it’s your own fault for losing money. That’s fine with me. But it’s not about the money. It’s about the negative and fixing it.

What you would call a negative, the buyer would call a positive. So overall, it’s a net zero interaction. :woman_shrugging:

Logic: the Buyer received for nothing 705-83 = 622kk. It can sell to another buyer and get 622kk. The man got it because the other one made a mistake. Is that normal in your society?

The game comes up with several ways of telling you your order seems too high or too low, including a pop up box that says something like ‘you’re order is bad. Are you sure you want to make it?’

You’ve either ignored the warning signs or you’ve disabled them.

Take your time with trade orders to avoid fatal errors.

This is a game. You messed up and made a mistake.
Message the buyer and see if he’d be okay with giving you your item back.

Like I said before, a buyer putting up a buy order is saying “I am willing to pay up to X amount”. You told him you wanted to sell for cheaper, and the buy order filled. If you did not want to sell for cheaper, you should have paid more attention.

This is starting to seem more and more like a lie. hahahaha

Guys! this isn’t about my mistake. I made a lot of them (like others). Question about improving the game. You are against this improvement. Why?

I will not write to the buyer. I don’t need that money. I already lost 4,5 kkk, wrote and ignored me. The system allows you to do this. I suggest we fix this.

Because the game is not supposed to handhold you and keep you safe. I think this is well designed because it forces people to pay attention and not just idly sell things for the highest buy orders. The game has been fine with this system for the last DECADE.

Just because you accidentally lost out on 700m ISK is NOT a good reason for changing this.

Thousands of petitions for the return of ships and money (if it concerns the NPC) to the support service-it’s good, and to prohibit accidental earnings of buyers because of the seller’s error - wrong, because in the last decade everything was fine

Actually, yeah. Everything was fine.

Please tell me why your specific 700 million loss is so important that we need to change a system that has been in place for over a decade.

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Because it is not logical (IMHO) and choosing from two options you should choose the option that gives less negativity.


The game doesn’t care about “negativity”.

When a player puts up a buy order, he is saying, “I am willing to pay up to X amount of ISK for this item.” This has been the case for over a decade, and people have lived with it.

When you put a sell order, you are saying, “I am willing to sell this Item for X amount of ISK and not one penny more.”

You agreed to sell the item for X isk, and the buyer was more than happy to fulfill that order.

There is no negativity here other than the mistake you caused yourself.

This is definitely a lie now.

What more do you want?

There are multiple signals already.