Two features in buying and selling MUST have

dear all . today i lost 250 Millions because i was on rush to sell stuff .ok it is my mistake .
now we need Two features as following:
1- isk color code for example:
from 0 - 999.99 isk it will be white
from 1,000- 99,999.99 isk it will be green
from 100k to 999,999.99 isk it will be yelleow
from 1M to99.99M violet
2- Price Limit Preset: this will allow us to set upper limit and lower limit for a certain item. for example:
a) for selling plex: lower limit is to be set to 2.5M ISK , i can not sell it for less than that and a warning massage will pop up states that i cross my limit
b) for buying plex: higher limit is to be set to 3M ISK , i can not buy it for more than 3m ISK.
this must be applied as an option to buy , sell orders and contracts for chosen items
it will help us to avoid getting cheated by scammers
i hope eve will do something about cheaters to narrow down their activity of scamming.
Edit : an image is added to state clearly what i am pointing to

from the image it is clearly that the market average price have something wrong with it
this item is sold between 15,000 isk and 24,000 isk +/- 5-10% not more

I’m not sure development resource should be expended when your problem could have been fixed with the absolute minimum of diligence on your part.


:red_circle: Those things cannot work in an environment that counts on you to commit a mistake in order to keep the economy and environment running. EVE is structured around this mistake potential and CCP keeps introducing more and more features that increase the potential for mistakes.

The color thing does not seem intuitive in any way. I don’t think that’s going to be helpful at all.

Setting limits is just another way of typing in a price. Not to mention it’s going to be tedious as hell to keep adjusting them as the market moves.

Patching out peoples mistakes is also sketchy design logic. Costly mistakes happen to everyone and the market has winners and losers just like pvp does.

When it comes to market UI however, I’d love the game to remember which station i like to use when making remote buy orders.

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it is not my own problem it is most player’s problem
is it good to make players loose when we can protect them ?

The UI already warns when you exceed 50% above or below market average, in addition to displaying colored indicators of how your price stacks up against that same average. You can also receive confirmation popups (do you really want to sell X items?) - all of which you have to manually opt out of if you don’t want a last-ditch sanity check opportunity.

It is intentional that users are responsible for being attentive. It is not CCP’s job to protect you from yourself. Slow down and really review what you are doing before you confirm the buy or sell transaction - and turn those warnings back on if you are nervous about your ability to catch your own mistakes.


again it is not my own hell mistake it is most player’s mistake

well , if we give them some ideas which will help them, they may consider them and act positively

You cannot extrapolate your experience onto other players. You can only speak for your own experiences in an argument/debate. ‘Everyone has/most players have this problem’ is both factually untrue and leads the rest of us to not take you seriously, as you are failing to apply valid arguments in your proposal.

so u/other players did not make a mistake since you play eve ?
cant understand the way you think . strange
we learn from our mistake and share not hiding it so other can get benefits of it

this will be entirely useless since I only deal in quantities above 500m.

the entire post could have stopped here and it would have been 100 times better.

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I have made mistakes, of course, but nothing that wasn’t my own fault and the result of not paying close attention. EVE is not a mindless click-fest: being attentive is required to be successful.

Your suggestions won’t stop users from mindlessly plowing through and making mistakes as a result of not paying attention, it simply wastes developer resources on attempting to hand-hold players into not owning their own efforts.

it wont stop but it will help reduce the % of making mistakes lol

Would it? If you aren’t paying attention in the first place, how does this help?

what is wrong if i share my personal experience with others and try to get a solution for it ?

The solution is already there: pay attention to the market interface.

ok come charge me fine is that what you want ?
ppl like you are taking advantage of others mistakes and instead of helping them u just blame blame blame
any thing else ? thank you !!!

I am not trying to charge you anything. You are asking for changes that rely on paying attention to the interface to have an effect on player behavior - but you also acknowledged that your mistake happened because you were not paying attention.

If you are not paying attention, how is this change going to help you?

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1- ppl are not same
2- having more than one or several protective systems for a player is something good and wont harm anybody expect scammers

Except there are already multiple protective systems- color-coded ‘value vs market average’ alerts next to the price input pane, pop-up warnings if you exceed 50% over (buying) or under (selling) market average, and a final pop-up when selling asking you to confirm if you actually want to sell everything.

If those warnings aren’t doing the job, it is not CCP’s fault, nor their responsibility to spend more real money protecting people from themselves. You are literally asking CCP to spend money (because they have to pay their employees) to code in additional layers of attention-based protection that are highly likely to not make a difference, as the existing attention-based protections would stop a significant mistake if a player is paying attention.

CCP cannot fix people being inattentive or rushing through/disabling the alerts. That’s up to the players themselves to self-correct.

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OP, you are forgetting CCP supports scamming as a way to play the game.

While the article does call scamming “low and despicable”, if CCP did not intend for scamming to take place they could have just changed the game code/rules to not accomodate scamming at all.

Since the game code/rules does allow for scamming to take place, each player has to be attentive and responsible for their own actions as deliberate game design decisions have been made by CCP to allow the “possiblity” of scamming, if you don’t pay attention.