Two features in buying and selling MUST have

No one took advantage of you. You typed in the price wrong, the UI more than likely asked ‘are you sure?’ and you were too impatient to check.

Actually yes.

For one, this is not a problem for most players.
Also, Eve is not generally going to protect you from your own mistakes.

Scamming is specifically enabled in EVE by design.

It’s not “wrong”, but it is narrow minded when you share your personal experience with other without taking into consideration the experience of said others.

Not everyone playing the game deals with such tiny ISK values, so by you proposing a change to the game based ONLY on your personal experiences, it suggest that you’re not thinking about how such a change would impact the rest of the game and are only looking at it from a selfish point of view. Don’t get triggered or defensive when other people chime in with their experiences.

Which is weird because you admit that your own problems caused this mess. But that’s another story.

there are but not enough

how you know they will pay more for extra protection ? do you work with them ?
dont you think they may have employees working with them and dont need to pay them extra $$

they cant fix ppl ,but they can improve the system so it will help other players not to fall in the same hole i fall

what impact will come when extra protection is injected in EVE ?
plex , isk and items wont change
the only thing will change is scammers will have less chance to scammer players . this is my aim in the topic and you call it “selfish point” !!!

What does anything you say here have to do with Scammers?
You said yourself.

Now you’re just scrambling to try and find an excuse to blame other people for your own problem.

Please cite your data to support this conclusion; that “most players make this mistake”.

And have you seen how the community melts down over a colored dot being introduced to prompt mostly new players that an item(s) are new to a given inventory/cargo hold?

Your problem is completely avoidable by simply paying attention and not being in a rush.

Problem solved.

if the plex sell price is for example between 2.5(M) and 3(M) isk
and you place a buy order for 300(k) is that a fare price to place a buy order
i know u understand what i am talking about you just try to make my idea useless but in fact is usefull and painful for buy order scammers

i did not blame any body
show me where “citation required” !!

big no

That is YOUR mistake. You are not being scammed. You chose to put a buy order for “300(k)**” because you are in a rush. This is on you, not anyone else.

I’m guessing English is not your primary language. You are blaming “scammers” for a problem that YOU caused yourself in a rush. That’s you trying to put the blame on others. Read the thing you are typing yourself.

So no data to support your argument that “most players make this mistake”.

That then settles that part of your “complaint”. No conclusion either way (in fact I suspect most players pay a bit more attention overall) so the subject is moot.

Your remaining issue is that you were in a rush and not paying attention to detail. That’s entirely on you.

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Anything CCP has their developers do costs CCP money, because nobody works for free.

Thus, CCP has an operating budget, which can be used to complete a limited number of projects in a given period of time.

Every development project is funded by the operating budget, and each time a feature is assigned a development project, it consumes part of the budget - therefore, all feature requests that are implemented are at a cost to CCP.

Some features provide a return on investment by improving the game experience (such TLC for the New Player Experience leading to higher new player retention/conversion to Omega rates). Others are quality of life improvements that are not directly associated with CCP income, but represent a reasonable expectation by players that CCP will optimize the game experience in exchange for their subscriptions. The bulk of their development time goes into major release features in the Quadrant releases, such as Invasion content.

The above are all things that are sensible expenses for a company: they directly tie in to the customer experience for virtually every player, and encourage player engagement (though some Quadrant content can be a flop, the intent is in line with development cost/benefit analysis).

Implementing your suggestion would take time away from all of the above (because there are finite developer hours in the budget) with no appreciable return on the invested effort. Players who are rushing, not paying attention, will not benefit from the new color coding, and the amount of ongoing maintenance required on a per-player basis to leverage the ‘limits’ feature would be counter-productive for the vast majority of players dealing with market shifts.

So calling this a wasteful use of CCP’s time/money is completely valid.

so if i am in rush and not pay attention then for these reasons we do not deserve an extra protection ?

Q1: if u drive a car would you drive it with insurance or with out ?
if A: yes
Q2: why ?
A: i may by mistake crash my/and other cars
Q3: does insurance will stop you from crashing your car ?
A: No , but it will reduce my losses

from above Q&A i think it is clearly states what i am pointing to

False analogy - market activity in EVE has zero relationship to real-world car insurance.

Try again, please.


Correct. You are not entitled to be protected from your own inattentive actions. Compare this to flying into Low Sec: you are given an alert that warns you that you are about to jump into space where CONCORD will not attack players who attack you without provocation. If you turn this warning off, or click through it without reading it, nobody else is responsible for your ship being blown to bits.

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it is true logic anybody can read and understand it without any doubts
game over

I read it. I have doubts.

Don’t place a buy order for 300k.

This isn’t a problem with the game it’s a problem with you rushing and screwing up and now having remorse and wanting someone else to protect you from yourself.

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This is a wildly false equivalence.

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Indeed, game over: everyone is now aware that you are utterly incapable of deploying logic and valid rhetoric in support of your argument.

Good day, sir.

:rofl: again wrong logic keep trying