Overpriced scam in hubs

Hello Everyone,
Recently I was a victim of an overpriced scam. I was a little bit in a hurry and did not pay attention for overpriced items. In a second I figured out all my isks were gone to the scammer as the item was posted 110000% more than regular price.
I am wondering why such a scam practice is allowed in EVe if in real life it would not be possible.
In my opinion this practice poisoning game as it supposed to be about space, planet discovery, research, manufacturing, pvp, but not scam each other.
My proposition to Dev if they want to stop such scam in EVE
1: to have a simple 5 min delay transaction which is over 100 mil isks or over 100%. So the player can cancel the transaction. all credit cards have this option. The check should be clear in 3 days. Why are scam transactions can not be canceled?
2: Players have the option to set a safety trigger for a transaction. The same mechanics what player have for fight (green, yellow and red safety) - allow to buy ( over 100% , 500%, no restriction)
I think this simple mechanism will stop scammers and make the game better. Do you agree?

Welcome to EVE!

(Scams are allowed here, make sure to double-check your prices and contracts!)


scamming is perfectly legal here… pay attention to what you click on anytime you do any kind of trade, accept contract, buy/sell off the market, look over EVERYTHING before you click, buy accept etc…


Also I’m pretty sure I have seen warnings when I tried to buy items from the market that were priced considerably higher than the regional price.


yep there are warnings that pop up…

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Just not for contracts, but it’s easy to read those before you click ‘accept’.

Lol. Classic Eve.

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Totally your fault and completely avoidable.

Good learning opportunity that extends beyond EVE. That isn’t a bad thing.


Yrs, it was available for 8 years until it was not. So you can work hard 8 years and loose everything in a moment.

You’ve played for 8 years yet you still fall for overpriced item scams?

Whoa, I thought you must have been new.

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I am aware it is legal , question why? If you are scammer totally understand why, but what is the benefit for other players?

Yes, was distracted and clicked confirmation button

You’re telling me you’ve never heard of racketeering and inflation?

If you don’t like the market prices, you are free to move the modules there yourself and undercut those sellers. It’s an open market.


Does people try to prevent it and whole government can be punished for that? And it is not correct compare with examples. Inflation in EVe3 exist and it is OK. Racketeering exist and it is not legal

Would you like a confirmation button for your confirmation button?


This is not racketeering. If you want to pay $2,000 for some book on Amazon that is momentarily out of stock from other sellers, then you totally can. There isn’t even a warning.

If you want to pay $15,000 for an $800 piece of furniture on Wayfair, you can do that, too.

There are tons of other examples in the real world.

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Possibility to cancel overpriced transaction in 5 min. Would be nice

What happens if the other character no longer has that money to pay you back the canceled transaction?

If you want, yes , but what if I does not want to pay.
That is why 5 min delay you can cancel transaction. The same with amazon, if you figured out you payed overpriced you can cancel transaction, not to mention you can return it later.
It is not antique auction, so I will return item, if I not satisfied with the purchase

So you like it?