Scam in the jita market

i am extremely mad that i just got scammed while buying a gyrostabilizer. Oh my god, i just lost a total of 50,000,000 million isk. Can someone pls stop these scams? i have just lost half of my money dammit. And also, can somebody, anybody pls donate to me some isk? your help is appreciated

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No, use your brain and stop swallowing the bait.

On a related note, I have a bridge for sale, are you interested?

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Welcome to Eve!
Eve is like real life, read the contract before accepting it. Count the zeroes you are going to pay.
Be happy your lesson was this cheap.
I think you should tip the scammer another 10m or 10T ISK for his/her good work.


If Eve was like real life then all of the High Sec -10.0 sec status Gankers would have been executed by now.

Its that “They are all animals” thing again.

Someone must have ran a Machariel up in you sideways for you to still be this butt hurt about gankers…


What a terrible thing to say about people!
Calm down miner!


Jesus, Dryson! Always those extremes…

If EVE was real then gankers would not survive their suicide ganks. It needs no executions.

Worst part would be, if EVE was real and you’d execute them then they’d just pop out at their home station.

There are no scams in Jita, all offers are 123% legit. :wink:


They are 100,.000% legit.

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No isk begging here. Also your fault. So suck it up and learn from yoir mistake.

So… you still have 50mil? You should be able to make your losses back pretty easily.

Wait so what was the scam?

I’m guessing it was a 50k module and the OP got carried away with the 0’s. Not gonna lie, I laughed out loud and now I feel bad about it.

No, he says he has 50,000,000mil… I wish I had that kind of money!

Low effort troll gtfo

Nobody buys jump bridges anymore since the toll was removed. We do still have that excessively overpowered control tower though. Suggest you sell that first.

WOW. So you lost 50 million million isk? Thats 50 trillion, right?

IIRC you got ganked, which means that if EVE was like real life …

… you would be dead already.

Think of it as a “stupid tax” and you just paid it.

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