ISK doubling scams, do peope actually fall for them?

We all have mixed feelings on people who scam in game. I’m on the fence about it. But I see so many people spamming chats with ISK doubling scams, I have to wonder, does this actually work? I’d be curious to see how much money these bots spamming jita local are making.

All? I’m a fervent supporter of scamming in EVE.

Send me 5B ISK, and I’ll tell you.

It does work, otherwise it wouldn’t be a thing. Greed and the management of greed are really important drivers in fashioning the environment in which we play.

From the min/maxing miner to the killboard junkie and the plain old ISK-grubber, it’s a greed-fuelled game.

I’ll be interested to see who replies to you, Nizaki; but I don’t think it’ll matter, for as we’ve all been taught:

‘There’s one born every minute!’

Obviously it works to some extent, or as you said it wouldn’t be a thing, but what I’m mostly interested in is whether it’s something that brings them in 10mn isk a day, or 1bn isk a day.

You know, I think everyone should diversify in this game. It’s a sandbox and one should try scamming just to round themselves out. It can be quite entertaining.

I will also add. People don’t seem to fall for the legit ISK halving games.

Send me 1bn ISK and I will halve it for you. Totally legit. No BS. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Scams? 2 of my alts find that absolutely reprehensible

If they wouldn’t work there would be no scammers after 19 years. it’s really just that simple.

Those are not scams just people fail to follow the rules and/or read the fine print. :wink:

Yes they do but in no way worth the effort to do without a bot, like near all grind activity in eve this scam has been botted to hell and back. Running 4 alpha bots which net on average 25 million a day sounds like peanuts but it does pay for 2 account subs per month.

The bot requires zero input from the user except for cash out and setup when banned. Going by the bots name the setup is also automated or at least multiboxed.

I just wish they would put Jita chat in slow mode. 1 message ever couple minutes rather than the spam-a-thon it is now.

  1. CCP is not interested in botting and softly encourages for that oh so shiny “player count”.

  2. Making Jita slow mode and limiting posts to a time limit would be countered by just making more bots.

The way to tackle 99% of botting is to implement account verification and tie it to visa ect.

99% of Eve botters will not commit an irl felony of wire fraud to make space monies.

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