scams are fine man, if someone asks about them, dont kick them out like horde, though I asked multiple times. Theres not really anything wrong with them in the game. As long as you dont take it too far. If there are some scammers here, do MSG me, id like to know your ways :slight_smile:

Send me 5 bil isk in game and I will give you a step by step instructions on how I do it.



Send me 1 idea, and I’ll send you two back

I actually just disbanded my corp full of scammers and all their scams are now for sale. Quick profit, grab it now for 8.5 billion isk!

Forgot to add the important keyword of firesale to your ad. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Also “corp hangar cleanout” might also improve your sales figures.

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Don’t scam your own Alliance members?

Alongside ‘don’t undock in any ship you can’t afford to lose’…the second most important maxim of Eve is…

’ If it looks to good to be true…it is’

make a highsec corp and tax it, never give anything in return

Send me a billion isk and we’ll see how much you like scams.

I have a cargo hold full of genuine space from Jita, with enhanced Quantum Essence Of Ganker mixed with a suffusion of Spam Plasma…all captured via neutrino and dark matter entanglement with the Higgs Boson. This one off rare treat is yours for a mere 5bn ISK. The cargo hold must never be opened though, or all the Jita space will get out and you’ll just have regular space instead.

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5b sent

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