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Canceled going to create a website for it instead of basing it on eve forums.

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used to sell my super trade went successfully

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Great Questions and accusations!

There is currently no way to transfer anchored structures without the buyer taking risk. I would receive the isk for the citidal as the transfer is going to party B. Many supers and titans cannot dock in stations and the pilot has to eject from their super/titan in order be traded. There are many instances where a direct trade cannot work. Hence the third party. The guy below me from the other post stole my idea, as we know each other. He has never had any previous experience as I know. Just see’s the potential for liquidity gain, but I want to replenish an old business. We both complained about the same problem and wanted to start an opportunity for everyone to use. I already do it for my alliance, why not do it more outside?

Well those are the structures that are hardiest to do b/c of the logistical reasons. I am not on a fresh clone this account is from 2010. Other post I have no responsibility for as that is his business. I am a neutral third party that will be used for trades that involved high risk. Nobody is forcing anyone to use my services. Otherwise, thank you for your time.

These are all very wonderful questions. Feel free to talk to me in my public channel when you are have a chance. I can discuss this in more detail.

Yeah man, what a coincidence. FatalPassage has managed to accrue a whopping 16minutes of total read time, but just so happens to stumble on your post right after you made it. If he isn’t an alt, I’d sh1t myself in surprise.

How, is their transaction secure? Because you say so? Right… people would burn a toons reputation even before skill extractors became a thing. And now with skill extractors, scammers and thieves can even ditch their reputations for a price.

Sigh, even if you did mange to get some credible endorsements, that still won’t make you trustworthy. And that’s because a con man would be trying to do the exact same thing. He would try to perform small trades in order to build up his reputation, and only cut and run at the moment he held a sufficiently large amount of isk/assets.

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Great point!

He performed a trade before and I messaged him afterward (I made the post).

Trading is inherently a verbal trade agreement and it requires trust. Just like how Cribba had to build a reputation, I will have to do the same! Small steps one at a time.

Meh. I wish I quoted your original post. Regardless, I prefer that an ISD not delete this thread so that potential customers can see that others brought up legitimate concerns about the “safety” of using this service.

Anyway, bro, you might be legit. I mean, I would like to be able to make money off of my reputation and very little work. But the simple fact of the matter is that there is no way to distinguish you from a con man other that waiting to see if you eventually cut and run on day where you’re holding a particularly sizeable amount of isk and assets.

Closed at polite request of OP.

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