Sold out

WTS Levi Hull (shield rigged) + Bridge + DD - T2 fit under your choice + 500k fuel

Located in Solitude atm. Can be moved Genesis - Aridida - Khanid

Price is 55b

Pm Navigation Hazard

as Chribba is not playing anymore sadly there is only 2 third partys im accepting.
As its not in keepstar and im lazy to move it, we can use Third-Party:
Alexfishka (lsh) or 3Better (White Sky)

Trade will considered completed after you jump out from the system.
you will get be immune 24h to both group hunters and their neutral alts!!!

are you that desperate

wow this thread takes me back to the good old days

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worst 3rd party scam in a while

In-before accusing me in something, give some proofs that My Main Navigation Hazard, or someone from people i did mention for third party did scammed someone? Just you loosers, that cant move supercapitals and die constantly in them doesnt mean we scammed for kill. Every our kill is days, weeks, months camping ur retardness.
Every Supercapital we sold never died.
Darknesss was a scammer and that was confirmed when he scammed me with 300b.

Now please avoid accusing me in something that i never did in my whole eve carreer. Im not here to prove anything to anyone, you just want to shitpost go to
Best Regards
Navigation Hazard

Mate its not so hard, just move it to a Keepstar if you are blue to everyone anyway.

Considering baseless accusations, I never lost one of my scaps to hunters and I don’t know anyone competent that did.

I don’t know whether English is your first language but it wasn’t easy to read. I won’t go into the rest of your ‘response’ and will willingly abandon thread :joy:

is Navigational Hazard selling this for his Vanquisher lol

No Vanquishers this time. Just ending my eve career.

No one in their right mind would accept 3Better as a third party

Would like pledge 20b.

Titan Sold

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