WTS Ragnarok fully fitted

currently in 0.4 system

where is it?

Aunenen mate


its in space mate, comes with everything in the picture… broker/3rd party/middleman required for transfer

I have been contracted to act as third party in this sale.

Seller or Buyer is welcome to insist on a POS for the transfer if they want :slight_smile:

Terms can be negotiated further between myself, the Seller and the Buyer to protect all parties.

Nice scam … no 3rd party is to be trusted now …long gone days of chriba .

Gl to buyer lol

Doing a titan trade in a safe spot? Have you forgotten how people did actual third party trades?

Hopefully it’s obvious, but don’t make this deal people.


Its how it was done in ‘ye olden times’ mate lol, i’ve been playing since 2005 and never had a problem yet (granted i did use Cribba lol).

The account is my friends who sadly died last year, the pilot is now an alpha clone hence why he cant jump etc.

A simple search will show ‘Imiarr Timshae’ is a trusted broker with good feeback and multiple good reviews.

However i understand the concerns and am willing to drop the price accordingly.

Fly safe o7

If you had ever used Chribba you would know that he would only conduct deals in a pos.

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Incorrect, i used him to transfer a Nyx at a safe… it was a long time ago but easily done

Well Gl selling this . Btw are you allowed to sell your friends account / char / assets like this ?

Does ccp allow this ?

160B offer

i’m already talking to ccp about transfering his accounts, my friends widow is all for it.

I could third party (Done so in the past) but NEVER NEVER NEVER do a third party titan transaction in a safe spot. This isn’t 2008…Please setup a POS at minimum and put stront + fuel in it. The entire EVE community know the location.

OR if you have proper support. Have fun :smiley:

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k guys to allieviate some concerns sale will be completed inside a POS which will be provided.

send any messages in game.


This is just for the ship gents, pilot not included… cheers

i smell a scam in progress :slight_smile:

“Scamming using the ingame forums is a big no no”
-EBank Ricdic

sigh, good thing its not a scam then!!