WTS Ragnarok in Basgerin

WTS hyper Ragnarok in Basgerin - please make offers here or via evemail

65b offer

Rotfl, no thanks.

66B offer?

Still for sale, don’t bother with any 6x offers, I got much higher offers via evemails already.

I mean no offense but there is no way for us to know that. Maybe you should just say what you want for it and we can give you better offers.

Fair enough - my highest offer via evemail is 77b now.
Also bump!

New day, new bump

Offering 73bil if the 77 offer falls through.

Thanks, but I had other higher offers.
And I prefer to sell to someone who will use it, not reseller - no offence.

Bumpy bump!

I thought the keepstar there was being destroyed?

I rarely ever sell titans. Was trying to find a good deal for a buddy.

Another bump for new day

Basgerin Hull timer in 21hrs

Yes, you posted already and?

Actually earlier I posted that I “thought” it was dying. As a courtesy I actually flew there and verified it along with a timer. Believe it or not I’m actually trying to help unlike the normal troll media in this forum. But no worries I won’t post again

Well, the sale goes on regardless of the future timer :slight_smile:

Still for sale

Still selling