Would like to sell my Ragnarok - the Price is 65bil and the titan is located in Querious.
It has 6x Concord Hexa 2600mm Repeating Cannon + the ‘Gjallarhorn’ Explosive Doomsday

It also comes with 300k fuel.

no rigs?

The Rigs I have on it are:
2x Large Projectile Metastasis Adjuster 2
1x Large Projectile Metastasis Adjuster 1

I have the titan since 2010 and back then there were no Capital rigs.

Move it to basgerin and I offer 60b

offer rejected ,got one

holy heck those rigs lmbo

61b current location

62,5bil and i’ll put the contract up in 6-8h.

How much for it if you move it to basgerin ?

Nah, it’s way too far to move.

Ok just hit me up if you change your mind

to the top!

BO price lowered to 62bil.

Still for sale.

Still for sale.

Ragnarok looking for a new owner :slight_smile:

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