[sold] WTS Keepstar

sold to a wh corp

Just a reminder guyz, totally not a scam.


The contract between me and the third party is up, I’m acting as a proxy to ensure the sale goes smoothly

Third party means neutral. As in @Chribba


I maybe interested, can I review the listings (contents) my Alliance would be interested in the holdings

Please contract trough an ingame EVE mail and I’ll share all information

How come you’re acting as a third party for a contract sale?


The corpmate who owns the Keepstar is currently physically unable to currently play EVE and has asked me to find him a buyer, hence the contract is setup between him and me, so i can find a buyer, obtain the ISK, finish the contract and trade it over.

I’ve handled and used this way of trading before and it seemed quite common to me

Why didn’t your corp mate just give you the Keepstar to sell, so a potential buyer wouldn’t worry about whether you were going to run off with their ISK?

The member was still very new in the corporation when he had to go on an extended leave, i told him i might be able to find him a buyer.

I’m willing to have some of our other corp directors vouch for this sale

So your own corp mate doesn’t trust you enough to not steal their Keepstar, but we’re supposed to trust you with 300b ISK?


If you just joined a corporation, would you trust that corporation? :slight_smile:

Why do you expect anyone else would trust you, a complete stranger, then?


If you don’t, then that would be fine, I’ve sold several items this way and i don’t think that endangering both my corporation and my director seat within my corporation.

Please stop shitting up my sales post if you could :slight_smile:

If he’s unable to play eve at the moment, why is it relevant to sell a keepstar through a “3rd party” when he could simply have made it a public contract. Or have waited until he was able to actually play the game again to sell it? If he’s “physically unable” to play eve and is on an “extended leave” from the game, then he’s better off just waiting until he gets back to the game to sell the keepstar.

Fun fact, you can assign contracts to yourself. Easy way to show it’s a “valid” contract with someone else if you blur the issuer’s name. Additionally, I dont think anybody’s ever heard of you before, least in a capacity that would allow them to trust you as a third party over the likes of Chribba or Enorn or many of the others who provide legitimate 3rd party services. FURTHER, it’s a packaged structure, why would he need anyone to 3rd party the sale, particularly when they’re trying to skim isk off it in the process? Again, either post it as a public contract, or post on a wts thread himself.

To summarize:
-“client” supposedly cant play eve right now (why need isk right now then?)
-“client” on an extended leave from eve (again, why need isk right now?)
-the “broker” is someone who’s functionally nameless as a 3rd party agent
-no proof the supposed outstanding contract still exists (a screenshot only means it existED at some point)

and finally, the most damning red flag of all, you claim you’ve sold items this way before, which would imply you’ve forwarded the items via contracts to the “buyers,” right? According to your contract history, you have NO ACTIVITY whatsoever.

So… yea, definitely not a scam. Almost as true as me looking for investors for the next T4U operations.


Also, for further relevancy:

[quote=Mabel Honeycomb]Hello!

We at The Honeycomb would like to thank you for your feedback, we are sad to see you leave and close your application.
I hope you learned something for this, the 800M ISK was given a good use and we have many laughs from spending it by buying terrible ****-fit ships and cruising to Pandemic Horde space to blow them up.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Mabel “SALT MINER” Honeycomb

P.S. To the guy above that complained about scamming new players, we almost always tell new players to go apply to some of our actual member corps, this guy was from 2013 and should have known better.[/quote]

sauce: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=6970642#post6970642



Okay, I like these new forums now.


You’re terrible at this.

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The best part is goons have pretty good threads on how not to be ■■■■ at this. Maybe you should ask someone who knows what they’re doing.

Or, just keep working on the small fish. To greedy to fast.

I thought trying to scam offering services was a Perma Ban, like in this case 3rd party service.