WTS KEEPSTAR In Jita - 190 b Perfect for the Hypernet!

Keepstar for sale

Challenge the Market hubs or create a home for your corporation / alliance this is the biggest structure you can own at the moment of posting. We are selling this for a relatively cheap price of just 205 Billion ISK 190B

You could Hypernet this and have one fantastic raffle netting you a healthy profit, I just don’t have the marketing network behind me for this to work effectively or the time.

PM me your questions or bump the post to show you are interested.

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190 bil to start you off

Just got an in game offer via mail for 195b. Also bump :slight_smile:

One more bid upto 200b and it can go, any serious buyers out there?

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DM or eve mail me please sending you an eve mail now bumpski

Mail sent & offer made

Are we supposed to believe that iHustle is not an alt of yours. You know, because the name is similar, he doesn’t have a lot of activity on the forums, and because he’s typing in “bump/bumpski” at the end of his posts like you do. Like, why would someone who’s bidding on you an item want other potential bidders to see it, increasing the chances that he’ll be outbid? Also, you don’t need to type “bump” if you’ve already written literally anything else.

Anyway, if you’re going to use alts to try to drive up the price, maybe not make it so obvious.


Yeah im not going to buy an item from someone who does that thank you I looked over the name @Shipwreck_Jones

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I am not an alt of this person and it’s on contract to me stop being ridiculous it’s a trade alt. Tinfoil hats everyone they both have similar names so if I named myself Guardian GTW I guess im your alt or Shipwreck FooolOfMyself I’m your alt must be true right?

Get over yourselves.

@Guardian_OTW Thank you for what would have been an offer. I have been working hard delivering medical supplies across my country working 15 hours shifts. I am sorry I didn’t get the chance to review your offer during the little rest time I have had recently. It was not intentional

Man where do I start, if I was going to go through the effort of raising the bids I would 1. include an offer higher than a previous one, 2 use an alt of an entirely different naming structure and well to be honest I wouldn’t bother I have better things to do.

When have I used Bumpski before either?

But thank you for the bump you offered my post, I am sorry you are so cynical even if your allegations was / would be so insignificant to the outcome of the sale.

Thanks for the bump while I was out away form the computer though


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To The Top

I know iHustle and his main, he is not affiliated w OP, stop being so on edge lmao

Status ?

Would you consider trading this for a fitted avatar , ond 2 x fitted hels and a fitted nyx and isk ?

Thanks for the offer unfortunately those assets wouldn’t be something I am interested in.

Giving Ihustle a few more days to raise the ISK then selling to them or moving to the next high bidder

I retract my offer

Keepstar is still for sale.

Bump to the top!