WTS Keepstar

Keepstar for sale in HS. Buyer will get system on contract…
Start bidding @ 200b

Up Please!

Up Again, one just short in game offer so far

uppity up

to the top

right back up

nobody eh?

2 hour 180b sale

150 right now

sorry m8 already have 175 thats why i did the 2 hour 180. If doesnt go in next 30 min will goto the 175

No problem is that falls through I will offer 170 GL with your sale

Lets start over :slight_smile:

Im done drinking for the weekend Back up

up again

Would you be willing to accept a fit virtuoso for this? :slight_smile:

Is that a funny?

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Rev BPC+75b :smiley:

as much as you would think so, it isnt, 160 for hull, 20 bil in fitting, is a good 180 ish offer

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I Offer you give me the keepstar plus you give me 10B to take it off your hands.

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Wait… you … you are… selling my lovely AT ship already :sob: